toll free numbers with digital telephony technology

toll free numbers with digital telephony technology

Just knowing some benefits that a number 0800 IP is able to offer, for sure, you will feel convinced to get one. Now, if you don't know its features, this post has all the information about it.

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For you to better understand the concept, we will explain it in a very simple way, complementing your original concept with all its benefits.

What is 0800 IP number?

For a better understanding, first it is important to know what the famous 0800 is all about. It is a nationwide number, being exempt from all fees present in any type of telephone call. This happens because who pays the bill is the owner of the number, aiming at a benefit to its customers or people who need to get in touch with it.

Furthermore, due to its national level feature, it does not require the use of a DDD to place the call, as it is not subject to a specific region of the country.

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The number 0800 IP is very similar to your common version. Your big difference is that its operating system takes place via IP telephony, not the traditional one.

In this way, he is able to take advantage of all the benefits that the internet connection is able to offer, not limited to the basic format of the analog telephone system.

Benefits of having a 0800 IP number

The features that VoIP telephony offers are practically the benefits that your 0800 number has. Thus, the quality practiced by it gains even more with the differentials that a 0800 transmits to a company.

For you to better understand, we have listed below everything that this system offers:

  • Cutting-edge quality in your transmissions: due to the digital signal, which optimizes your consumption data in terms of sound power, making it much more noticeable;
  • Use without the need for an analog signal: the internet is responsible for the calls, so any place that has access to a connection mode is able to make calls via VoIP – remembering that they can be made by computers, tablets and smartphones;
  • Infinity of services: with the wide range of applications for VoIP, your phone becomes an incredible integrated calling service, as it allows you to record calls, conduct conferences, in addition to having a high level of personalization and control of extensions.

In addition, VoIP telephony is recognized in the market as one of the most economical, since due to its lower consumption of information, it has much lower rates than analog telephony.

It is worth mentioning once again that the presence of a number 0800 IP your company will provide greater convenience, security and credibility to your consumers, after all, you are providing a free point of contact to resolve their issues.

Final considerations

We hope you have understood the benefits of 0800 VoIP and learned its real importance for a successful business. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. In addition, we can verify your need to use the toll free number and present a plan suitable for your company.



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