Schedule your actions on social networks to save time!

Schedule your actions on social networks to save time!

You now know the importance of running your social networks when you are a VSE or an SME. However, managing the company's social networks can be particularly time consuming. While it is important to ensure that you always publish quality content, scheduling certain tasks is a good solution to save time.

But before going any further and giving you information on the tools to use, do you know the advantages of automating the publication of your content on social networks?

The benefits of automating publications

Optimized messages

The ability to schedule content in advance on your social networks means you have complete control over when and when your posts are published.
Take the time to write optimized posts with the hashtags that go well. This will give you a better chance of getting back up in web users' requests and therefore of being read more.

Time saved

By automating your posts, you are effectively managing your time. This will allow you to concentrate on your other tasks without worrying about your posts. For example, you can focus on your strategy social media and connect with your followers in real time. Or, schedule your publications and go on vacation with peace of mind. Your page will stay alive all summer.
Trick : schedule your publications in the niches where your audience is the most responsive, so you can hope to obtain better engagement rates (number of likes, comments, or shares).

More control in editorial strategy

By scheduling your content in advance, you have more freedom to add content “on the fly” while controlling new posts on different social networks.

The good news in all of this is that automation is a really easy process! But where to start ? Before you get started, you'll probably need to create an editorial calendar. What exactly is it?

Follow him, we'll tell you everything!

Create an editorial calendar

An editorial calendar is a file (doc or Excel) that will list your publications for the week (or month). Very practical, it allows you to have an overview of your content and for all your social networks. Then you just have to add them in your planning tool. It's a perfect guide for getting organized.

A social media calendar can have the following sections:

  • dated
  • time
  • thematic
  • publication
  • photo / link

Efficient tools to automate its content

Now discover 4 tools that save time by completely automating your content publication process on your different networks.

Hootsuite is an intuitive social media management platform widely trusted and used by brands, businesses, agencies, and individuals to help drive social media results.

There are several plans, including a free version that allows you to manage up to three social networks with a single password. You can program up to 30 messages on your social profiles and thus save a considerable amount of time.

Social Jukebox is a social media content scheduling tool that offers cool features, such as the ability to determine how often you want to post your content, as well as the days and times.

With Jukebox, you can store thousands of messages and configure them on the software. The originality of the program is that when there are no more messages to publish, your Jukebox will turn like an hourglass and continue to post randomly among the messages entered. It's completely automatic.

Are you in need of ideas for publications? Post Planner is for you!

On Post Planner, you can add any Facebook page or Twitter account. The program's search engine provides access to the most popular content in your industry using keywords and hashtags.

You can choose from articles, photos or quotes and thus create your own publication calendar. A star rating system makes it possible to find the most relevant content, that is, the one that meets the most success with fans. A very efficient and practical tool!

Buffer allows you to completely automate all your social media posts, just like Hootsuite. A free version allows you to plan the sending of your posts to Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Google Plus. With the free account, you are limited to 10 scheduled posts per social network, but this can be a good way to familiarize yourself with the tool without committing.

Note: be aware that Facebook Pages also allows you to schedule all your publications: a good idea when you have few social networks to manage and you don't have time to learn a new tool!

Other tools make it possible to go even further in the planning of your publications and to amplify this relay via the profiles of your collaborators.

Digital offers many tools to make our daily lives easier and improve performance, so why deny it?

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