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Our Phone Installation Near Me services is on hand to install phones near you

Every company needs a good solution for broadband and telephone. All necessary hardware and software ingredients can be ordered from Telephone Systems Services. In cases where the knowledge, people and resources are not in-house to get it all up and running, Telephone Systems Services offers a Phone Installer Service Near Me.  

Our near you phone installation service will visit your location to correct the analysis and prepare the installation. Our Phone Installation Service Near You can also be engaged for interim updates, adjustments and other service questions.

We use attractive installation rates and are happy to agree with you in advance on what the installation will cost. That way, we both know where we stand, which is nice. Of course, consumers can also use our services.

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In addition to delivering telephone systems services, we are also happy to support you with telephone advice or work on location. With our knowledge of telephony, networking and security, we relieve you of your worries, especially on a project basis. 

This can vary from rolling out a WiFi network, guiding a company to a VoIP telephony solution or installing security cameras or an intercom.

VoIP telephone is cheaper than traditional telephone calls. It is reliable, flexible and has a wide range of options. We work together with the complete telephony exchange from the cloud: Xelion.

Xelion is a user-friendly exchange that allows you to call anytime and anywhere from your landline, PC, laptop or smartphone.
What we can do for you:

  1. Switch to a new provider with number portability
  2. Hardware installation and delivery
  3. Configuration of the cloud central, for example, a queue and menu.
  4. Pro-active support

Telephone Installer

Telephone VoIP Installer Near you!

Phone Network Installation

Phone Network Installation Near Me Service

WiFi has become an indispensable part of your business environment. We install an optimal wireless network where the quality and reliability of the WiFi signal are central.

Every environment has its challenges, and together we analyze the location to find the most efficient solution. Our phone installers won't leave until you have reliable WiFi everywhere.

Do you have your new phone line that needs installing? When installing a new phone line, you have all kinds of options. Our phone line installation service will connect you in no time. This way, you can be sure that all your phone line is connected correctly. 

We also provide helpful start-up tips and prepare your phone system, including transferring contacts, messages and apps. In addition, we provide individual training courses for young and old. After 30 minutes of explanation, operate your new phone with your eyes closed.

You look, you compare, and you decide on a company! Then, it is time to install the telephone line. These companies charge for this service, but it can be accessible for you. How? With a bit of skill and following the advice that we will give you in this post.

Does it seem very complicated when you see the technician install the telephone line? We assure you that it is not so complicated and you can do it yourself effectively, quickly and above all safely. Are you ready? Go for it!

Phone line Installation

Phone Line Installed Near You

How to install a telephone line?

Guide On Installing A Telephone Line

For the telephone line installation, both in homes and in SMEs, you only need to have a cable and a telephone terminal. Of course, the cable must be long enough to reach the place where you want to locate the terminal. Logical, right?

If you want to carry out the installation process of the telephone line in a safe way, we recommend that you follow the following steps:

Identifies the Network Termination Point, known as the PTR. Physically it is usually a white plastic box or box, which measures between 5 and 7 centimetres. Wondering what a PTR is? You should know that this is responsible for separating your internal network and the external cable.

It would help if you did not confuse it with its predecessor, the PCR. They are very similar, but the second is incompatible with ADSL and has fallen into disuse.

The PTR of Movistar or any other company always has a flange with two positions: normal and test. Usually, it is in the first one, but it must be in test mode for the installation of the telephone line. Once selected, you will see two other tabs: one is the telephone socket, and the other is two buttons with the nomenclatures L1 and L2.

Locate the Network Termination Point

Step 1

Plugin the phone cord

Step 2
  • The first thing you should know is that at the bottom, the PTR has two holes. You must place one of the ends of the filaments that make up the cable mentioned above in each of them. Before, remember to remove the protective plastic from the outside of the cable. In this way, the filaments will be able to contact the internal part of the PTR.
  • How to insert the filaments in these holes? To do this, it is essential to press buttons L1 and L2 with a screwdriver. For safety, try not to have your hand next to the part that you are going to screw, never leave it in your pocket, as it can be nailed, and make sure it is clean. As much as possible, try to make the handle insulating.
  • The next step is already much more manageable. You have to connect the other end of the cable to the box. The process is very similar to the previous one: remove the plastic from the end of the cable, extract the two strands and fasten them to the screws of the buttons L1 and L2. The filament whose end was placed in the hole of the L1 must be wound on the screw of the L1 of the PTR and precisely the same as that of the L2.


If some of the filaments stick out of the box, nothing should happen because the electrical current flowing through the cable is very low. In any case, as at Telephone Systems Services, we care about your safety. We recommend that you try to prevent this from happening when you install the telephone line.

Once here, you have to connect the terminal to the box and check that the phone has a line. If everything works correctly, you can now fix the cable to the wall.

So that it does not crash and the connection is as secure as possible, we recommend using gutters. These tubes keep the cables inside when they are not inserted directly into the wall. They are usually made of plastic, but there are several materials.

These, in addition to being aesthetic, are very safe. By using it, the cables are prevented from being loose. In this way, you avoid falls and that the cover is damaged, affecting the person who touches them.

In the installation of telephone lines, the usual thing is to place them in the least visible places on the wall. One option is at the bottom, and the other is at the top, right next to the ceiling. For this second possibility, you should use a suitable fibre ladder. These are ideal for electrical and telephone work.

What if the phone doesn't work? Don't worry, and you have to check the connection. Indeed the problem is that the filaments do not match the lines. Change them at one end and check again if you now have a line. This problem can arise, although it is normal for you to avoid it if you install the correct telephone line.

Finally, fix the phone box on the wall. It must be installed in a place that is close to the terminal but at the same time not visible.

Have you followed all the steps? Then you already have in your home or office an optimal installation of the telephone line. This ensures you outstanding performance and a lot of security.

Make sure everything works properly

Step 3

Internet at home: what type of connection is right for you?

Choose a Telephone Connection

It may seem that with your mobile you have enough, but when it comes down to it, still having a good internet connection at home is essential. There are several reasons, but the main one is that the data on phones, sooner or later, ends up running out.

Although there is also 4G, the usual thing is having to choose between ADSL and fibre optics. Both offer advantages and disadvantages and you must decide which model best suits your demands and needs.

A classic. This type of connection is still the most common in our country today because it is available wherever you live. If you want cheap internet at home and don't need a lot of speed, this may be a good option.

ADSL connection, the most common

ADSL Installation Near You

Fibre Optic, speed assured

Fibre Optic Installed Near you

The Ferrari of internet connection! Ideal if you need speed in your home. Although it is possible to hire internet without a telephone line, the usual thing is that fibre optics without a fixed telephone will be more expensive. Anyway, it is getting cheaper, and prices will continue to drop.

In the end, as in so many other things, before choosing you must think about the use that you are going to give it. If you tend to download large files, watch a lot of series online, or like to play online, you may want to go to fibre.

On the other hand, ADSL may interest you if you enter the internet in a standard way and settle for average benefits. You must pay exclusively for what you are going to use.


We hope that this page has been handy and you already know how to install the telephone line correctly. Suppose you have any questions about installing the telephone line that guarantees your safety from Telephone Systems Services. In that case, we will be happy to help you.

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