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You are probably here because you are interested in a hosted VoIP phone solution for your company. This is an intelligent decision.

VoIP solutions can help your business save up to 75% on phone costs. VoIP solutions can save your business up to 75% on call costs while still offering the same functionality and features as traditional on-premises systems. 

You can also make calls from anywhere with VoIP. 

It can be challenging to choose a VoIP phone system without a deep understanding of the industry. We can help you.

Telephone Systems Services knows that switching providers can be complicated and can take time. Not to mention the negative economic impact of making a mistake. Our custom-built tool will speed up the process if you only have a few minutes. To match the best provider, you only need to answer a few questions about your company. This could be your most productive two minutes of the week!

Do you want to learn more about VoIP providers? Our telephone systems expert compiled this comprehensive guide. It covers the top-rated UK providers as well as VoIP products for 2021/2022.

Older phone systems can slow down your company's growth. You will need more hardware and phone jacks than the ones your office has. Your surge protectors and security systems will not work with older lines. Look for a local company that can install a phone jack in your office.

Local phone system installers can help you within your lease agreement, even if your office is not yours. They can upgrade your phone lines from analogue to digital and IP. They can also install phone lines based on your growth. Local companies can help you save time and money. For repairs or maintenance, local phone system companies can be reached quickly.

Your business can be more efficient if you get your phone lines installed quickly. Telephone Systems Services can connect you to local phone line installers.

VoIP Installation Services in Your Area

VoIP Installation Service Near You

Installation of a VoIP phone system

VoIP Installation You Can Trust

What do you need to get started?

These are the requirements to install a VoIP telephone system:

  1. A reliable broadband internet connection
  2. The bandwidth required to handle your call volume will increase the more you call. The helpful table below provides more information about how many phones your internet connection can support (measured in megabytes per second, Mbps).
  3. Wired Ethernet router
  4. Your budget will not impact your decision, but you will need a VPN router to provide high-quality service and a solid connection volume. The VPN function is essential if you plan to use your VoIP system remotely.
  5. A computer that acts as the PBX server
  6. VoIP phones require very little of the PBX unless there are a lot of users.
  7. IP phones (hardware).
  8. There are many options available – full-colour touchscreen systems and cordless Wi-Fi smartphones, so you can choose the hardware that suits your business best.


To complete the current market assessment, visit our page on the top VoIP providers and phones. Note: It is essential to ensure that the hardware you choose works with your PBX server.

  1. PBX server software
  2. PBX software installed on your server acts as the core of your local telephone network. This software allows you to use all functions of your phone system, which will ensure the smooth operation of your business calls.
  3. A VoIP provider
  4. Your business must subscribe to this service. It is like a mobile phone contract. However, it is essential for your ability to make outside calls. You will not be able to dial any other extensions in your office without a VoIP provider.
  • Hardware (IP Phone) – These hardware IP phones look just like regular office phones but use VoIP technology. They are often called IP phones.
  • Software (softphone), software installed on a computer/mobile device to allow it to function as a VoIP telephone. Also known as a softphone

What is the difference between hardware and VoIP phones?

VoIP v Hardware Phones

How do you install a VoIP hardware device?

Installing a VoIP System

The hardware VoIP phones are also known as IP phones. They look and function very much like traditional office phones. Although IP phones look and function the same as analogue phones, they can also read digital signals.

The PBX server is just like any other device in your network. If it is connected to the same network as the PBX server, any hardware (IP phones) can use the IP address for connection to the PBX system.

Your PBX system should be connected to your network using a standard NIC (Network Interface Card). A static IP address must also be assigned. This allows your PBX to be always accessible.

For ease of configuration, your VoIP network can be installed on the same subnetwork. You can also install your entire VoIP network on a separate subnetwork, but this is more difficult.

After reviewing the technical details, it is time to get down to the fun part: plugging in your hardware. As IP phones are compatible with the system, this is the easiest part.

Connect your IP phones to your PBX network using an Ethernet cable. Some IP phones may require a power-over-Ethernet adapter. Once your phone is connected, it will find and join the PBX system.

Connecting phones

PBX Solutions

What about routers?

VoIP Router Setup

Your router may need to make a few configuration changes to be fully compatible with VoIP. You can make the following changes:

  • Enable Universal Plug and Play
  • This is a set of ‘protocols' for networking that allows devices to find each other. Essentially, UPnP allows VoIP phones to find and join the PBX system.
  • Enable Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • This is your IP address. NAT modifies the information in your network address to remap an IP address during transit via a traffic routing device.
  • Open Firewall port:4569 to your static IP address
  • Firewall port UDP-4569 works well with network address translated environments. It is a TCP port, meaning it uses Transmission Control Protocol. This allows two hosts to establish a connection, exchange data and ensures communication between them.
  • Forward ports 5060, 4569 to your static IP address
  • Forward ports 10001-20000 and port 4569 to your static IP address

Connect your VoIP hardware using an Ethernet cable. Make sure that it is set up correctly.

These steps will show you how to set up your software VoIP phone system. Software systems are different from hardware systems in that they must be installed on a computer, mobile phone, or another device. This allows it to function as a VoIP phone and thus a softphone.

Handsets and handsets may also be connected to a computer to make and receive calls. However, the core principle behind a software VoIP solution for making and receiving calls must be installed and not just a piece of kit to the plugin.

How do you install a VoIP system?

VoIP Installation Service

Steps for software VoIP phone installation

Step 1
  1. Login to your PBX server.
  2. Enter your IP address in the domain of your server.
  3. Register your VoIP provider.
  4. This is configuring your server so that it can communicate with other lines via your VoIP provider. This step is essential to ensure that your network can communicate internally.
  5. Install the TRUNK on your PBX server.
  6. This information is what will allow you to communicate with your VoIP provider and your network. You will need to enter the details your VoIP provider requires.

TRUNK Name: Name of the provider

Outbound Caller ID: The new number that you were assigned to VoIP.

CID Options: Set to allow any CID during setup. Once setup is complete, change to ‘block foreign IDs' to keep your network secure.

PEER Details: Input information about your provider (your provider should give this information).

Register string: Information that authenticates your network connection with your provider via account identification and password.

Setting up TRUNK

Step 2

Create an inbound route

Step 3
  1. This will enable you to receive calls from outside. You can create an unlimited number of inbound routes on most systems. However, each route you wish your network to handle must have a unique number.
  2. Enter a destination for your inbound route.

This will determine where calls to your outbound route will go. This could be set up to direct calls to your receptionist's number. You may also wish to create a digital receptionist that will greet all calls with a welcome message and instruction message

This is the second part of the process.

Part A= Configuring the PBX extensions

Part A= Configuring the VoIP software on the host device.

Each phone and computer (the software host) are different. Therefore, the process of setting up your account will vary from one device to another. It should be an easy process, and your chosen host device (or devices will be equipped to guide you through it logically).

Most likely, your phone or computer has a web admin function that can be accessed by simply entering the IP address of the device into a browser. Next, you will need to enter the IP address of the PBX server and the extension or password.

Add extensions

Step 4

Establishing outbound routes

Final Step

You should now be able to receive calls from outside after you have completed step 6. You will need to set up your device to make calls.

There are two main scenarios that you should set up your device for.

Scenario A Dialling an internal extension

You should see the option to add a route on your software's interface. Next, select this option and follow the steps. You will be asked to enter the following information during these steps:

Route Name: Internal

Route type: Intra-company

Time group: Permanent

Dial Pattern: In the ‘match pattern' field: GGGG

Save this route. This will inform the system that it should be directed at an internal extension when someone dials a four-digit number. You can change the number of digits within your internal extensions by adding Gs.

Scenario A: Dialling an external phone number.

It would be helpful to select the “add route” option in your software's interface. In this case, you will likely be asked to enter the following information:

Route Name: Outbound

Route type Non-checked

Time group Permanent

Dial patterns You can add as many or as few patterns as you wish. This will allow VoIP to make calls to external numbers to an average.

Trunk sequence Enter your VoIP trunk sequence below.

Next, click submit to save your route.

Do your employees work remotely? A flexible, portable phone system is essential for your business. This is one of the greatest benefits of VoIP solutions. We need to know a bit about you to help you find the right VoIP providers.

Cloud Hosted Office Telephone Systems and VoIP in VoIP Near You

Our next-generation VoIP phones are the most productive tools your company can have.

The IP-based Phone Systems are available in two versions. One can use a traditional desk phone, and the other can use an App-based softphone. These softphones can be used with Microsoft Windows 10, Apple iPhone, or Android Mobile Phone.

Office VoIP Phone Systems Installation

VoIP setup For Offices

Office VoIP Phone System Features

VoIP Features Overview

Our Office VoIP Phone Systems may include the following.

  • Advertising and hold music.
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Windows Softphone For Laptops and Computers
  • Mobile phone app to Apple IOS and Android
  • Your phone system can be either in the cloud or on-premises.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of desk phones, wireless headsets and DECT phones
  • Configurable Ring Queues and Groups
  • Additional Features: Call Centre Wallboards, Reporting, and Website Chat
  • Multi-Location
  • Remote Work and Home Working

The next-generation VoIP Phone Systems can be used with existing lines, virtual SIP trunks and provide telephone call centres and hotels.

You want to use your own BT Phones Lines No problem! We can help you install your VoIP Phone Systems by providing a VoIP Gateway.

Do you want to modernize your phone lines? No problem! We can help you get a modern SIP Trunk to install your VoIP Phone Systems.

You can use your own BT Phone Lines as well as some modern SIP Trunks. Ask us about a Hybrid VoIP Phone System.

Office VoIP Phone System Installations

Office VoIP Services


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