Tips for creating an automatic dialer

Tips for creating an automatic dialer

If you've come this far looking for information about how to create an automatic dialer, you probably already know what he is and what he does. Anyway, let's talk about it briefly.

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One automatic dialer is a fully automated software used in Active Callcenters that dials numbers from a previously registered list. When a call is answered and it receives a human response (not an answering machine), then the autodialer automatically distributes that call to one of the free agents.

Tips for creating an automatic dialer

The most important aspect of software automatic dialer are the algorithms that make it possible to mathematically calculate and determine which agent is likely to become free, and when the next number dialed is likely to be picked up.

Since he can do this guesswork, the automatic dialer can initiate calls to the next numbers in the list while agents are still busy on their previous calls.

This predictive ability is what makes automatic dialers so popular as they are real time savers and help to increase productivity. Thus, it ends up making it a cost effective solution in most cases.

Tips for creating an automatic dialer

Now, let's start looking at the tips for creating an autodialer.

There are many people who believe that prediction algorithms are highly complex. However, this is not the truth.

Yes, there are definitely some aspects to these automatic dialers which are complicated to construct, but the prediction logic itself is actually quite simple.

Program code can be written in languages ​​such as C or C++, which will allow you to establish device-level connections, and will send “from” and “to” signals between devices and the program.

In most cases, Callcenters have an ISDN PRI line that is connected to the server using a PRI card. An ISDN PRI line has a certain number of channels – in India and the UK it has 30, for example – so it allows 30 simultaneous calls.

The internal phone lines that Callcenter agents use are also connected to the server through a PABX card.

So your software automatic dialer it has to communicate with these two cards and send signals to them. This is the basic task the dialer software needs to be able to perform.

In the next article, we'll check out some more tips for creating a automatic dialer.




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