Tips for creating an automatic dialer

Tips for creating an automatic dialer

Let's continue with our tips for creating a automatic dialer.

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There are only a few key variables that the software needs to take into account.

1. Average time for call to be answered
The average time it takes for a new call to be answered (by a real person, not an answering machine). The program has to be smart enough to dynamically update this value in a variable after each new answered call.

2. Average call duration
This can be calculated by the software based on the number of calls completed and the time it took to make those calls. This value must also be dynamically calculated and can be calculated for each agent individually.

3. Call start time for each agent
It's good that your program automatic dialer to store the start time of calls so that using all available variables can mathematically calculate when each of the agents is likely to become free.

Tips for creating an automatic dialer

Based on these key variables, the program should be able to easily predict when the call to the next number should be initiated and make it at the right time.

This is the basic logic of a automatic dialer. You might also consider adding more features to the dialer, such as reporting and software customizations.

An additional useful feature you may have is the ability for a Callcenter Manager to introduce a late fee into the automatic dialer. This can allow agents some breathing time between calls, or even use that time to enter details into the system before starting a new call.

Also, there is another important part to be coded. The software needs to understand when a dialed call is answered by a person. For this, the software has to learn to identify busy signals, telephone ringing and, most importantly, be able to distinguish between the answer of an answering machine and a person.

Tips for creating an automatic dialer

Since these features must be developed by a team specialized in programming, it is necessary to research and find the best solution for this case. Often a automatic dialer custom can be expensive.

However, there are automatic dialers available for purchase in the market, and this can be a good option if you are starting your business.




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