the phone service your company needs to hire

the phone service your company needs to hire

PABX (or Automatic Private Extension Switching, in English) services are a natural innovation of the old concept of extension, known in telephony by the acronym PBX. The novelty is in the automation, which speeds up the process and offers greater ease and control over the use of all telephones in a company or institution. It is the most effective way to control the company's internal numbers and maintain constant quality for all internal and external calls on all lines in the network. We are talking about Online PABX, also known as Virtual PBX or Digital PABX.

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O Online PABX is the most advanced answer to the concept of business telephony, which brings together branches in an intelligent and focused way in a structural organization that will not demand much time from its administrative sector. There are many reasons why you should subscribe to a service. Online PABX and TW Solutions brings this text with some of these reasons so that you can make a conscious decision about the future of telephony in your business.

Streamline your telephony control

Nothing is more precious to a company than time. With it, all goals are possible and the path to success is always close. Therefore, wasting time taking care of telephone extensions is an increasingly obsolete issue, mainly due to the novelties brought by technology.

O Online PABX it will put an end to wasted time with telephony, as all the control will be done automatically over the internet, in which you will only need to keep your registration up to date and with the correct numbers registered.

Everything will be more flexible and more efficient in your company, with a system that will allow you a total combination between all sectors of your institution without complications and without headaches.

Bring together different types of devices and even different operators

The most important of a network of Online PABX is that there are no limitations on the numbers that can be placed in the system, allowing you to look for plans that best match each sector or professional within your business, without the need to be tied to a single system for everything.

In addition, it is possible to configure the system so that calls are transferred to cell phones, ensuring that no calls will be lost and that all professional possibilities will be taken advantage of. This is particularly positive for those who make arrangements with people outside the country, who depend on different time zones to get in touch. By switching the call to your cell phone, you can receive these international calls during non-business hours in the comfort of your home, without any hindrance!

billing software

One of the greatest difficulties in maintaining a unified telephone system lies in controlling expenses, which can get out of control if there is not constant care and a good analysis structure. For this reason, the systems of Online PABX they are already combined with software that computes all the tariffs consumed by the telephones on the network, making life much easier for the person responsible for the company's finances.

Thus, it is possible to make a complete control of this system, analyzing all the structures in the smallest details and even planning ways to reduce expenses when the network starts to extrapolate initial expectations.

This type of control is the dream of any small or medium-sized entrepreneur, who knows the importance of reducing all possible costs and making the machine run with fewer errors and as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Final considerations

There is no longer any reason for you not to adopt a system of Online PABX in your company and ensure increasingly positive results in all its sectors, in a unified and growth-oriented manner in all sectors and levels. Come to Telephone Systems Services digital telephony! Create your free account today.



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