the national number that benefits your company

the national number that benefits your company

If you have a small or medium-sized business and want to open a direct telephone channel to talk to your customers, the 4004 VoIP it is the solution to your problems. It allows you to have low cost while delivering a great communication channel to your customer or potential customer.

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But do you know the difference between a 4004 VoIP and an analog 4004, or the difference of a 4004 VoIP for a 0800 VoIP?

Keep reading and see what these differences and the benefits of 4004 VoIP.

What is 4004 VoIP?

This is a telephone number to which the customer can call from anywhere in the UK, without the need to enter an area code or make a long distance call.

This number is suitable for small and medium-sized companies that do not want or cannot afford a high investment to receive calls from their customers.

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Difference from a 4004 to a 0800

The difference between these two numbers is pretty simple to understand.

The 0800 number is a number that the company's customer can call from anywhere in the UK, without spending anything. In this case, the entire cost of the call will be charged later from the company and not from the user.

The 4004 is a good option for companies, as it divides the costs of the call with the client (user) who is making the call. In this case, half the value of a local call is charged.

As stated before, the 4004 is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses as the costs to the business are lower.

Difference from an ordinary 4004 to a 4004 VoIP

The common or analog 4004 works over standard telephony physical means.

already the 4004 VoIP it is an internet telephony system and, as such, it offers companies much cheaper rates than the analog 4004, which can reach up to 70% less on bills.

For companies, such savings can be the difference between having a telephone communication channel with their customers or not.

Telephone Systems Services and the 4004 VoIP

Telephone Systems Services has been in the telecommunications market for over 10 years, always being the pioneer in bringing new technologies to the companies it serves.

Get in touch with us and you will be assured of a 4004 VoIP customized and optimized in the best way possible for your company, always thinking about the best cost-benefit for you!

Final considerations

Without a doubt, the 4004 VoIP is the best solution for your company, whether small or medium.

With this technology, your company will be able/will have:

  • Serve your customer satisfactorily;
  • Rates up to 70% cheaper;
  • Dividing the cost of calling your customer to the cost of a local call;
  • The quality of a digital communication system.

Telephone Systems Services has a team specialized in 4004 VoIP and that, for sure, it will serve you quickly and with quality, looking for a product with the best cost-benefit ratio for you and your company.

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