How to migrate to Centrex IP telephony?

How to migrate to Centrex IP telephony?

Do you think that migrating to VoIP is difficult for businesses? How to configure your new IP telephone system? What is a centrex? Which access provider to choose?

In this article, take a step-by-step guide to establishing your Centrex network.

What is centrex IP technology?

An IP Centrex is an IP telephony solution in Cloud mode. Exit the PABX and IPBX, the centrex allows you to outsource your entire telephone system and at the same time eliminates many constraints.

This technology is particularly suitable for VSEs and SMEs. No major material investments, space saving, centralized management, the advantages are numerous. But the main reasons remain flexibility and cost reductions.

Why switch to IP technology?

There are many reasons for choosing centrex IP telephony. The most important are:

  • Very low implementation costs

One of the great advantages of VoIP is that there is very little setup, unlike the PABX which requires the purchase of a switchboard.

  • Lower communication costs

Subscriptions generally offer packages for local and international calls at very competitive rates.

  • Flexibility and responsiveness

With centrex, you are freed from several constraints and you save time. You have access to a solution that allows you to choose only the features you need. You can thus adapt your IP standard according to your organization or your various resources.

  • The image of your company

By switching to centrex IP, you give your company a professional and efficient image thanks to a modern tool and state-of-the-art functionalities.

The keys to a successful migration to Centrex technology

1- Evaluate the performance of your Internet network

Before migrating to a centrex, it is important to check the status of your Internet network. Is he able to support this technology?

An internet network that is too slow can cause call drops or poor sound quality. The first thing to check with your professional operator is the possibility of migrating to a Centrex network.

In addition, your network switches must be compatible with Power over Ethernet technology (PoE), required for connecting IP telephone extensions.

2- Rethink the architecture of your switchboard

Migrating to a centrex IP telephony involves the implementation of a VoIP standard. You will no longer use traditional telephones and you will have to equip yourself with telephones compatible with IP technology. But rest assured, these are generally included in subscriptions (as well as maintenance).

3- Train users

When you migrate to centrex IP telephony, it may be necessary to train your team members to the tool.

A practice will allow users to acquire and master the different concepts specific to VoIP, but also to set up a VoIP service with the different protocols, to learn how to ensure a quality service for voice traffic. over IP and use it for new applications.

4- The different formulas

Generally, providers offer business telephony packages. The subscription offers a turnkey solution or with options to choose from: all you have to do is select the package that suits your needs!

Among the most popular features, we note the call transfer, the call forwarding, the simultaneous call management… The price depends on the package, but especially on the number of users.

Note: If you need a large number of telephone lines (more than 10), it may be more beneficial for your business to turn to a switchboard. More expensive to purchase, it turns out to be more economical in the long run than many Centrex subscriptions. Compare the different packages and the costs of a PABX or an IPBX.

So convinced by the IP centrex? Do not hesitate to contact the experts to establish free personalized quotes.

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