Professional mailbox: which solution to choose?

Professional mailbox: which solution to choose?

Having a professional email address allows you to represent your business in a credible and serious manner. Associated with your domain name, it constitutes one of the main communication tools for internal and external exchange.

In the age of collaborative messaging, here are our tips for choosing your email solution.

The advantages of pro messaging

Communicate with professionalism

For your customers, receiving an email sent from a generic mailbox ending in @ or, might seem confusing.
By opting for a pro email box, your address will follow the following format: Much more credible, right? Professional messaging allows you to legitimize your activity in the eyes of your interlocutors and returns a more professional image.

The features of your pro box also allow you to organize your contact lists, follow up on your communications, and set up additional functions such as automatic replies.

In addition, an email address ending with your domain name allows you to promote your business while reducing the risk of ending up in the spam of your interlocutor, unlike a free email.

Manage your email addresses more easily

Professional messaging allows you to organize your contacts, folders and conversations efficiently to save time in day-to-day management.

To increase productivity, you can add various services such as calendar sharing, shared folders and centralization of contacts.

Each department or employee can also use its own address (alias) using the same domain name.

Depending on the size of your business, adopting a pro messaging solution allows you to have a volume of data storage adapted to your needs. Every day, more than 116 million emails are sent from a professional mailbox.

What to look for in a pro messaging solution?

Collaborative and intelligent features

Task manager, contact and calendar sharing or even meeting planner, these features are now included in collaborative professional messaging.

They allow you to work faster and more efficiently by reducing the obstacles to internal company communication.

The collaborative functions of professional messaging make it possible to communicate more effectively within the company.

An intelligent email box will also allow you to increase your productivity by organizing your correspondence and directly connecting the information exchanged with internal management tools.

Storage space adapted to your needs

Depending on the number of email addresses used and the volume of your exchanges, a professional email solution will be able to adapt to your needs in terms of storage space and hosting.

Access to all platforms

Your professional mailbox must be accessible at all times and be available on all platforms (Web, PC, Mac, IOS, Android, etc.).

Most solutions are now offered in the Cloud, which allows you to have access to your synchronized communications on your devices as soon as you have internet access.

Effective anti-virus and anti-spam protection

Not to neglect ! The chosen solution must be equipped with an effective antivirus and antispam and offer an SSL certificate on e-mail transmissions.

Example of pro messaging for companies

Microsoft Exchange

Exchange is offered as a hosted service or as an installation on your own servers.

This professional mail and calendar solution contains all the collaborative functions you need and provides you with a customizable mailbox.

The version included in Office 365 allows you to connect your email to other applications such as Word, Excel or Onenote.

Gmail businesses

G Suite doesn't just offer a free version of its Gmail messaging. Gmail offers businesses a secure email address with their domain name and unlimited storage space.

The app is connected to other G Suite products, such as Shared Calendar, Google Hangouts, and Google Docs.


The hosting and domain name provider offers a professional email solution that comes in 4 plans, depending on your needs, ranging from 5 GB to 1 TB of storage.

The essential and premium versions give you access to unlimited HD video conferencing and are connected to the versions of Office Online and Office mobile to work from any device.

Professional messaging included in your Internet offer

Most business telephony operators offer this service in their pro internet offer: a personalized domain name and attached email accounts. Check with your professional telephone operator.

Before you start, take stock of your needs and choose a suitable solution that will help you communicate professionally and effectively both internally and externally.

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