PBX Cloud: Learn all about PBX in the Cloud

PBX Cloud: Learn all about PBX in the Cloud

Many companies have asked about the advantages of using one. PBX Cloud to computerize phone calls. And our advice is always the same. Do the math. You will find that the value of your calls will go down well and the savings can reach 70% of the value of the old bills.

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Really look like? Telephone Systems Services knows companies that have saved 90% of their phone bill using phone systems. PBX Cloud. Of course, the region and the number of calls helps this number to go down. But the important thing is to think that everyone pays a bill with fixed initial values, designed by the phone companies to cover high costs of old investments.

However, with the new technologies of PBX Cloud and data transmission over the internet, you no longer need phone lines. And even telephony companies no longer have such high voice transmission costs, especially in large urban centers.

Today, to make a long distance by electronic call anywhere in the world, you have the same cost as calling the extension in the next room if you use one. PBX Cloud. The costs are lower, but the phone companies don't want to readjust these values ​​for the consumer because now they're making really high profits.

Common PBX Cloud the advantages are far superior to having an old voice-only system. See the differences:

  • You can transmit voice, data, image, chat and files, all without leaving your computer;
  • You can embed your cell phone in the PBX Cloud and answer your phone from anywhere;
  • You can make the portability of your phone numbers and keep the same numbers as always, without having to change the stationery, update the website or inform customers;
  • One PBX Cloud offers more than 80 features.

With PABX Cloud you have even more savings and advantages!

How about reducing your cell phone bill to R$ 0.19 for each call?

Prefer to use the tablet? How about PC or notebook? Common PBX Cloud, you can unite all electronic devices in one big data cloud and use all communication possibilities to solve work issues much more cost-effectively.

And the call signal is cleared of hiss, noise, crashes or drops due to rain or other weather conditions.

Technology has evolved. Today, you only pay more if you want.

scalable platform

With so many facilities of technology, one of the biggest advantages of a system of PBX Cloud is to scale the offer of services according to your demand. You customize the transmission and data plan that best suits your company's use and pay only for what you consume. And if you need more data, just add additional credit when and if you need it.

Mobility, advantages, unified communication, better connections, high technology and a lot of savings. And all you have to do is swap your old phone center for a PBX Cloud more agile, cheaper and much more advantageous.

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