How Toll Free Numbers Can Benefit Your Business

How Toll Free Numbers Can Benefit Your Business

As a small business, you will often find yourself competing with much larger companies for the same customers. This can be a daunting task for developing companies and start-ups, as the established competition will often be too great to overcome. Fortunately, make use of toll free numbers can help level the playing field for your company's benefit!

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Making your business stand out with toll free numbers

With toll free numbers from Telephone Systems Services, you can make your company look like a big, established business. Recent surveys have shown that customers recognize and trust 0800 numbers, with 90% of respondents correctly identifying 0800 numbers as being toll free. 65% also said they would be more likely to call a toll free number.

In addition to being trustworthy in the eyes of customers, the toll free numbers they are also much easier to remember, ensuring better customer retention. This is especially important when it comes to offline marketing activities such as billboards or radio broadcasts, as they usually only have a very limited amount of time to “put their brand on”.

When you want to differentiate your business from the competition or expand your operations to compete in a larger market, an 800 number can act as the incentive your customer needs to make that important call, leading to better customer relationships and potentially increasing sales. New potential customers are also more likely to call a company when they know there will be no cost involved.

Removing your company's geographic restrictions

Internationalization has always been one of the major challenges associated with the growth of a small or medium-sized company. In fact, many larger companies are still struggling in terms of encroaching on international markets. Fortunately, with recent advances in modern communication technology, the world is getting so small and quick-thinking SMBs are capitalizing on this to their great advantage.

In the past, large companies could easily absorb the costs associated with international and long-distance phone calls, while smaller, less well-funded companies would struggle to pay the bills. toll free numbers bring many advantages, taking away the prohibitive costs of making B2B calls to companies located in other countries.

This allows even small businesses to reduce their telecommunications costs without having to sacrifice their ability to cost-effectively do business with international customers.

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Toll Free Numbers: A Nonstop Service

In addition to driving customer conversion and retention, the toll free numbers they can provide another important advantage for any company: a non-stop service.

With the remarkable virtual receptionist service, your company will never be truly closed for business. Even when all your employees are away from the office, you can redirect your company's incoming calls to a landline or mobile number, which means you're always available if your customers need you at unusual hours. With this virtual receptionist service in place, you'll never have to miss an important business call again.



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