Installation and configuration on Windows

Installation and configuration on Windows

Zoiper is a multi-protocol (SIP and IAX / IAX2) software telephony application, running on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. The app can be downloaded from this address.


  • VoIP protocols supported: SIP and IAX / IAX2
  • STUN (Session Traversal Utilities for NAT) compatible
  • STUN server per account
  • conference
  • Available codecs: GSM, ulaw, alaw, Speex, ilbc, G729 (optional)
  • codec settings per account
  • multiple accounts
  • supports calls to URL based destinations (eg 106@
  • transfer
  • call forwarding
  • update notifications
  • supports up to six lines
  • calls identifier
  • Incoming call automatic popup window
  • DTMF tones send
  • voice mail
  • phone book
  • call log: dialed / received / missed
  • call in wait
  • auto reply option
  • custom call waiting tones

System requirements:

Processor: at least Pentium II 300

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Memory: at least 128 MB RAM

Operational system: Windows 2000, XP, Mac OS, Linux

Sound card: 16 bits (SoundBlaster or equivalent)

Internet connection: Ethernet or wireless broadband

The following describes how this application is installed / configured on a Windows XP system.


Like most Windows applications, installation is done with the key. “close”, “together”, “I accept…” and again “together”, “close” and “Finish”.

During the process, another installation folder can be chosen instead of the default one. The steps are as follows:


To access the configuration options, press the Configure Zoipericon, right click on the window.Zoiper, or right click on the icon Zoiper from the system tray.

Protocol Selection: SIP / IAX / RTP / STUN

To access this section, see “Show advanced options”.

Show Advanced Options

The parameters for each protocol can be changed from this window. Our recommendation is that they should only be changed if necessary.

Configure and contain SIP
Configure IAX account
Configure RTP
Configure STUN

audio devices

These options may vary depending on the devices available on the system. The two audio options that can be modified are:

  • audio devices
    Audio Devices

    O “echo cancellation” and options “Mic Boost” can be activated.

  • audio codecs
    Audio Codecs

    Codec types and their selection order are configurable: available codecs on the left, selected codecs on the right. The selected codecs will be negotiated with the VoIP server based on their position in the list, from top to bottom.

Adding a SIP Account

Select option “Add New SIP Account” and enter the account name.

The newly created account appears in the list of “SIP accounts”.

Then fill in the configuration settings with information specific to each VoIP provider. In our case, we have:

Configure and contain SIP

Then save those options.

Also, the new account has to be registered on the VoIP server. The list of accounts in the interfaceZoiper shows whether the account has been registered or not:

Register with SIP

SIP or IAX account types can also be selected (provided these accounts have been previously created).

In order to create an account from IAX, follow the same steps described above, but select the option“Add New IAX Account” instead.

To delete an account from the list, right click on that account and choose “Delete”.

initiate a call

Fill in the destination number in the field “Phone to dial” and press this icon: Call.

The second method is to dial the number using the application's numeric keypad. Zoiper:

making a call



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