SIP trunk: what you need to know!

SIP trunk: what you need to know!

Have you decided to switch to Internet telephony for your business and have set up a ToIP (IP telephony) infrastructure?

The communications passing through your standard IP (IPBX) can be optimized thanks to the SIP trunk. Discover the advantages of this service offered by your IP telephony operator.

What is the SIP Trunk and how does it work?

SIP protocol and trunking

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the most widely used Internet communication protocol in VoIP and allows IP devices to communicate with each other and with operators.

The trunk is a set of channels allowing several communications to be routed simultaneously.

Uses of the SIP trunk

The SIP trunk, or SIP account, is a service offered to companies with an IP standard to pass incoming and outgoing communications via a high-speed and secure Internet connection.

It allows you to connect your IPBX directly to your operator's voice network to transport voice communications over IP.

Concretely, the SIP Trunk is a monthly billed service to which your company can subscribe.

It allows simultaneous voice calls over the Internet using the SIP protocol. The SIP trunk is characterized by the number of channels, that is to say the number of simultaneous telephone calls available (from 2 to more than 60 channels depending on the type of installation).

When you order your telephone subscription including a SIP trunk link, you must therefore define the number of simultaneous communication channels necessary for your company upstream.

To do this, you can, for example, take into account the number of incoming and outgoing calls during the busiest time of the day.


So that your SIP operator can set up a SIP trunk in your company, you must have high-speed Internet access as well as an IP standard.

The installation includes an eligibility test, setting up and configuring the SIP trunk on your IPBX as well as number portability.

The advantages of the SIP trunk for companies

Savings on your communications

By passing all your calls through your VoIP infrastructure, you reduce your telecom bill.

You can make free calls between the remote sites of your company and benefit from the best prices for outgoing calls thanks to the advantageous rates offered by SIP operators.

For example, you can bundle your communications to make unlimited calls in London or internationally. Since your communications are centralized, it is easier for you to manage your budget to save money.

Depending on the destinations of incoming and outgoing calls, you can also subscribe to different providers to carry out your own LCR (least-cost routing) by choosing the lowest price for each destination.

A simplified and flexible solution

The SIP Trunk is a flexible solution that adapts to the needs of your business.

Indeed, the modification of your infrastructure can be done simply, by generating reduced intervention costs (addition of a site, increase of simultaneous communications…).

If you move, your business can keep its numbers even if the new location is outside the current ZNE.

In addition, the management of your telephony is simplified, because all of your ToIP infrastructure is managed via a single contract with your operator. The services offered are non-binding and you can change your plan at any time.

Quality service

The IP connection of your SIP provider is secure and allows you to benefit from a high quality of service for your voice, messaging or video applications.

In addition, third-party applications such as Skype for Business are natively compatible with SIP Trunk solutions, which facilitates interactions and allows all collaborative uses to be integrated into your infrastructure (videoconferencing, email or instant messaging, etc.).

The SIP Trunk is a solution perfectly adapted to the evolution of uses within companies. It allows you to take advantage of a flexible and simplified infrastructure while making savings on telecommunications.

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