How to secure your company’s cloud storage?

How to secure your company's cloud storage?

Online backup via cloud computing is a revolutionary solution for storing business data.

VSEs and SMEs have become accustomed to using this storage system offering many advantages such as mobility and cost reduction.

Minimize the risk of data loss by adopting careful behaviors when using the cloud.

Today, information security is a priority issue for entrepreneurs using online backup. To avoid data loss or hacking, here are the solutions to secure your cloud storage.

Manage your passwords well

First and foremost, securing your cloud storage requires good password management combined with prudent behavior.

To access your cloud, use strong passwords that combine letters, numbers and special characters. Remember to change them regularly to reduce the risk of hacking.

As companies are increasingly mobile, it is therefore important to integrate the use of smartphones into securing your cloud.

If your employees access company data from their work phone, make sure all your devices are password protected and have a remote locking system in the event of theft.

Finally, adopt preventive behaviors by avoiding accessing your data from unsecured connections, do not save your passwords on your browsers and be sure to disconnect your session once your online tasks are finished.

Encrypt your data

A breach in the security of your online storage can have serious consequences for the business.

At the top of the list, among other things, is third-party use of your sensitive information. Without security, for example, your business is plagued by hacking and the use of your data by your competitors.

Whether you use a public cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive) or a private cloud (proprietary computer network), encryption is an effective solution to protect your documents and multimedia files. In the event of theft, these will then be unusable.

Depending on your type of cloud, there are a number of software programs available to encrypt your documents. For example, AxCrypt encryption software secures your information with standard 128 or 256 bit encryption (AES) directly in your storage platform (Dropbox, Drive or other known platforms).

In general, if you use an IaaS storage service in hosted mode, the company offering the infrastructure will secure your data using an individual encryption key.

However, that third-party company will also have access to your key. If you want to manage security on your own, you also have the option of using a solution that gives you exclusive access to the encryption key, with the option of encrypting your files yourself.

Make backups

Even with encrypted and password protected data, there is no such thing as zero risk.

The best way to secure the documents is then to make regular backups by saving them either on a physical storage space (external hard drive) or an internal server, or by choosing a data recovery solution in the cloud.

Backup as a service solutions are today a modern way to back up data and are accessible through an online backup provider, such as Ontrack.

They allow you to copy your data and save it in an outsourced data center.

Using an electronic safe

For all your important documents (invoices, pay slips, bank statements, notarial deeds, etc.), it is possible to opt for a digital safe.

Although few companies opt for the electronic safe, it is nevertheless a convincing, lasting archiving solution recommended by the CNIL.

The latter offers in particular:

  • data encryption,
  • a strict authentication system (one-time password, etc.),
  • traceability of activities on the digital safe,
  • an off-server backup of deleted data.

Only 15% of English companies opt for the digital safe.

To make sure to opt for a reliable protection system, the CNIL has created a specific label proposing a benchmark of 22 points to be respected which attest to the quality of service of CFNs.

Companies can also refer to the NF standard on the “digital safe component”. Services such as e-safe, Cecurity, or the Digiposte application offer secure storage solutions adapted to professionals.

With the democratization of cloud storage tools, professionals have access to many solutions to secure their data.

As a business manager, ensure the confidentiality of your data and put in place the necessary means to minimize the risk of intrusion.

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