Tips for conducting Call Center satisfaction surveys

Tips for conducting Call Center satisfaction surveys

A more effective method than the satisfaction surveys in ÇThell Center to obtain important information about the performance of your company, the service or a specific product/service, as all data is provided by the customer after a service through the Call Center.

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For the data to have relevance, it is necessary to create metrics so that the researches of satisfaction in Call Center achieve the goal defined at the time of their idealization. The most important thing is to put yourself in the customer's shoes so that surveys have good response rates. Long and complex surveys tend to have no answers, as the customer does not have the time/patience to complete the full survey.

Definitely understand how to succeed in your Call Center satisfaction surveys

in your satisfaction surveys in Call Center, the questions need to be short and very objective. The URA (Audible Response Unit) system must be configured to start as soon as customer service is terminated by the attendant. When devising the questions, keep in mind what the purpose of the survey is so that the questions can provide a satisfactory result.

Also talking about the questions, avoid complexity. The more objective and easy to understand, the better the quality of the result obtained, as well as the response rate. For the answers, choose questions that can be answered on a scale of 1 to 10 for satisfaction rating metrics or yes/no for other questions. That way, the answers are more assertive.

Reviews can turn positive, negative or fall into neutrality, which is not always expected. Opinions become more extreme when questions revolve around customer satisfaction. If a metric from 0 to 10 on a satisfaction scale is not the best idea, as you are looking for quick answers, then you can reduce the scale in your URA setup to 1 to 3, where 1 is very bad and 3 is very good .

Another important point is the way to approach the customer. So that he really participates in the researchs of satisfaction in Call Center, he needs to understand how important his participation is.

Customers, for the most part, do not wait for anything after completing the service. While it's a good way to ask if they're willing to answer a post-call survey from the start of a customer service call, many customers don't have the time, although they could be available at another time.

The answer lies in scheduling a post-survey call. Scanning the customer on a second call after the experiment is a valuable way to get useful data from them, even if they aren't available to do the survey right after the call.

Final considerations

With these tips, it's easy to create satisfaction surveys in Call Center where customers will want to give five stars. Make the research process as convenient and simple as possible for the customer so that your company can reach all the answers it needs to improve its services/products.



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