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You 0800 and 4004 numbers are being increasingly adopted by companies across the UK. Also called national numbers or national unique numbers, the 0800 and 4004 numbers are a great differentiator that your business can adopt to offer customers a friendlier and more economical telephony solution.

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0800 numbers

0800 numbers have reverse charging. This means that whoever pays for the call is not the one who makes it, but the one who receives it. The company that hires a 0800 number, therefore, offers its customers a form of free telephone contact.

The 0800 number is always 11 digits long, in the following format: 0800 XXX XXXX. These numbers can receive calls from both landline and mobile phones.

Having a 0800 number means being accessible anywhere in the UK, for free. Calls made to this national number can be connected directly to your company as you prefer: via Virtual PABX, IP PABX, Analog PABX or directly to your preferred number.

0800 Exclusive

Unique national number for your company. Your customer calls 0800 and our system forwards the call to your phone.

0800 Callback

Unique national number for your company. Your customer calls 0800, our system answers the call, recognizes the number and informs you that the call will be returned immediately. The system then remakes the call from its minute plan with a cheaper rate than the conventional 0800 number.

0800 extension

Suitable for companies that want to have a 0800 number with the least possible investment. The same 0800 number is used by several companies simultaneously. When the customer calls, he hears a welcome message and then must enter the desired extension. The call will connect directly to your company.

4004 numbers

4004 numbers have shared pricing. This means that the costs of the call will be split between the caller and the receiver. By offering a 4004 number to your customer, you give him the opportunity to make the call at a local rate. If your company is in São Paulo, for example, and your customer calls a 4004 number in Bahia, he will pay for a local call.

The number 4004 is always 8 digits long, in the following format: 4004 XXXX.

The combinations of telephone numbers with prefix 4004 were exhausted and, for this reason, Embratel started to use the prefix 3003 for this service. So, if you don't have a national number 4004 yet and want to hire one in this model, you will receive a number with prefix 3003.

Is it worth it to hire 0800 and 4004 numbers?

You 0800 and 4004 numbers bring a series of advantages to your business:

  • 0800 and 4004 numbers receive multiple simultaneous calls on the same number;
  • 0800 and 4004 numbers convey more credibility to your customers;
  • 0800 and 4004 numbers have national coverage;
  • 0800 and 4004 numbers provide more ease and convenience for your customers.

So the answer is: yes, it's worth it to hire 0800 and 4004 numbers! Contact Telephone Systems Services consultants today and request more information.



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