Don’t have a Digital PA in your Call Center yet? You are losing money!

Don't have a Digital PA in your Call Center yet?

The profile of consumers has been changing every year, making them extremely digital. With this change, it is necessary that companies are suited to all types of service. If your company does not have one Digital PA, beware, she may be losing money!

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One of the service laws companies must follow to succeed is to learn that customers need to be serviced one way or another, so if your company needs to improve service channels, do it as soon as possible.

The world is getting more and more technological. Information is getting faster. It is not possible to have just one communication channel with the customer.

According to a survey carried out by Dimension Data, in companies around the world, the common objective that all of them had was to increase the digital service for all their customers, investing in at least 7 different communication channels.

Think about this: if your customer needs to contact your company, whether to make a complaint, change a product, place orders, clarify possible doubts, among other issues, he will certainly look for the fastest service channel that have.

If this customer is more technological, he will probably look for digital media such as customer service chats, social networks or the company's own website/application.

With that in mind, it's critical that the company have all of these communication channels running smoothly. Try to get to know the profile of your customers better, so you can set up a service strategy.

Why is it important to have a Digital PA in my company?

Have one Digital PA in your Call Center or call center is synonymous with success and quality in contacting all customers.

As we said, the profile of customers is changing, considerably increasing the use of technology as a form of communication. However, it is not enough for the company to have digital communication channels working, it is necessary that these channels have the same language as the customers.

Check out some benefits of having one. Digital PA.

Reduction in waiting time for service

To find out if a Call Center operation or a call center is successful, just check the average waiting time in the service. With the Digital PA, the TME can be reduced by up to 50%.

Considerable reduction in service positions in the call center

Another advantage that is observed when you have a Digital PA is the reduction of service positions within the Call Center. In a company with 400 P.As, for example, this number can be halved.

24-hour service

An Digital PA can provide assistance 24 hours a day. Yes, that's right, your company's service is optimized and you achieve great results with this attitude.

Humanized service using artificial intelligence

You configure the service of your Digital PA for her to humanize the care. With this optimization, you spend your time to establish and assemble different strategies instead of monitoring your human P.As.



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