Fast and excellent service with PA Digital

Fast and excellent service with PA Digital

Telephone Systems Services, a company of the TW Solutions Group, presents to the market an innovative solution in service: a Digital PA. Also known as Virtual PA, this humanized robot with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence works as an automated, fully digital service station that can be used to reduce telephone answering positions in any operation, from a sales department with 5 or 10 employees to large call operations Center with hundreds of attendants.

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The change in the profile of the current consumer is related to the technological evolution that has been taking place in recent years and, therefore, it becomes increasingly essential to meet this new customer model, which is digital and interactive. In order to reduce costs and time, the Digital PA today ranks among the most modern automated telephony solutions.

Companies that want to be successful need to interact with connected consumers, who like and use technology and don't do without the agility and efficiency that online communication provides. That's why the Virtual PA it is so important for any business that has a service sector or has this aspect of business as its main activity.

Your consumer wants to be served well

Good service is not just a friendly, patient voice on the phone. To serve the modern consumer, it is necessary to go beyond that.

When a customer needs to contact a company to make a purchase, solve technical problems or just clarify a doubt, he looks for the easiest and fastest way. If he has the digital profile, his preference will be for an online channel such as a social network, through Facebook Messenger, or an instant messaging app, such as WhatsApp.

THE Digital PA from the TW Solutions Group can be integrated with several chatbots such as WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger and Telegram, making the service even more integrated, centralized and agile, and making life easier for consumers with a digital profile.

Call centers need, more and more, to expand their ways of contacting, offering digital service options to their customers. This will allow for a more pleasant experience for whoever matters most: your consumer.

Integration is essential

We live in a society hostage to technology. While some still prefer “old fashioned” solutions, consumers become more digital with each passing day. This profile cannot be ignored.

With the Digital PA, you will have all your contacts integrated in various service channels, including mobile applications and social networks, allowing your service sector or your Call Center operation to obtain extremely important information to take future actions such as marketing and after-sales.

In other words, the Digital PA or Virtual PA is a tool that allows you to raise the level of your services. With this multi-channel cognitive service digital solution, you will optimize your business, meeting the most diverse needs, from a simple satisfaction survey with 2 or 3 questions to a more complex sales process.

PA Digital is the service revolution. It reduces costs, eliminates waiting lines, optimizes time and integrates channels, meeting the demands of the modern and digital consumer.

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