GSM, TDM and CLI routes: understand the differences

GSM, TDM and CLI routes: understand the differences

Anyone new to telecommunications should hear about GSM Routes, TDM Routes and CLI Routes and not understanding what it is about. Today, we are going to introduce you to the main aspects of each of them so that you can understand the differences between GSM, TDM and CLI. Stay with us!

GSM Routes

GSM is the acronym for Global System for Mobile, or in London Global System for Mobile Communications. At GSM Routes are the most used by cell phones around the world: more than 1 billion people use it in more than 200 countries.

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The consumer has some advantages when it comes to GSM technology. One of the main advantages is that he can take advantage of new services at a low cost. Exchanging text messages (SMS), for example, was originally developed for the GSM technology.

In the GSM Routes, both the signal and the voice channels are digital. So, the GSM is considered a 2G (second generation) cellular system.

In a GSM route, the user terminal is called a mobile station. This station is composed of a SIM chip – which allows the user to be identified – and a mobile terminal – in most cases, a cell phone.

TDM Routes

TDM is the acronym for Time Division Multiplex, or in London Time Division Multiplexing. This is a technique that allows the existence of several communication channels in the same transmission medium. Such as TDM technology works on a time basis, for each bit rate, time slots are allocated in each communication channel.


THE TDM technology can be divided into two categories: synchronous and asynchronous.

At synchronous TDM, the time slots are always divided into equal sizes and each terminal waits its turn to transmit the data. already in asynchronous TDM, the intervals are divided according to the demand of each terminal.

At TDM Routes are the ideal solution for companies looking for a fixed digital telephony service characterized by high voice quality and reduced rates.

CLI Routes

At CLI Routes are those routes with active BINA. This means that, in the CLI Routes, your own phone number appears on the user's phone when they call.

In other words, the CLI Routes they are excellent quality interconnections (Premium) with national operators. At CLI Routes they are always digital.

If you are looking for a quality solution with binge, CLI Routes may be the best solution.



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