Automate credit collection and recovery: check it out!

Automate credit collection and recovery: check it out!

Did you know it's possible automate credit collection and recovery without spending almost anything on it? Telephone Systems Services offers a robust and effective solution through a Reverse IVR. Our intelligent system can help automate credit collection and recovery of companies of the most diverse sizes and segments.

A Reverse IVR is an application capable of “listening” to the person's interactions on the other end of the line and, based on these interactions, perform a certain action. Below, let's look at an example of how reverse IVR can help automate credit collection and recovery.

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Automate Credit Collection and Recovery: Example

Automatic message: Good evening! We are from the collection company Macedo Pires Recovery. If you are “JORGE REZENDE”, please dial 1. If you know this person, dial 2. If you don't, dial 3.

Case 1: We are calling to let you know that you have an open invoice with Mundial Móveis in the amount of R$ 2,560.98, due on 03/05/2015. If you haven't made the payment yet, we ask that you rectify your situation as soon as possible. If you have already made the payment, please disregard this message. If you want to speak to an attendant, type 3.

Case 2: Please ask “JORGE REZENDE” to call you back at 0800-555-5050.

Case 3: We will assist you in a moment. Please wait. (Here the call will be redirected to an attendant).


Automate credit collection and recovery: costs

If you want to save costs and automate credit collection and recovery, with PlugVoIP, you can. Our prices are one of the lowest in the market and the quality of our services is unquestionable. Check out our prices below:

Sending Torpedo with Automatic IVR
National Landlines: BRL 0.08 per message (30 seconds)
National Mobile Phones: BRL 0.35 per message (30 seconds)

Sending SMS for credit collection and recovery: BRL 0.05 per SMS

Automate credit collection and recovery: benefits

Automate credit collection and recovery brings a series of advantages and benefits for your company and its operations. Check out some of them:

  • Agility
  • time optimization
  • Greater chance of credit recovery
  • Reduction of non-payers rate
  • Time to focus on other sectors of the company

Automate credit collection and recovery: integration

Our tool for automate credit collection and recovery it can be very easily integrated into any system via webservice. Integration can also be performed by uploading a text file that triggers voice torpedoes through a Reverse IVR and charges automatically.

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