0800, 0300, 4003 and 4004

national numbers they are professional numbers used by companies. Each of them has unique characteristics. Today, we are going to explain the differences between 0800, 0300, 4003 and 4004. To learn more about national numbers, just keep reading.

National numbers: 0800

Calls made to a 0800 number are completely free for those who are calling. Whoever pays for these calls is the one who receives them. Generally, an 0800 number is linked to public answering services or large companies.

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The coverage of a 0800 number is national.

National numbers: 0300

The 0300 was created with a single national tariff. This means that regardless of the location, destination or time the call is made, the price paid by the user per minute is always the same throughout the UK.

What is paid for the call does not go to the institution that uses the 0300, but to the Fixed Switched Telephone Service provider.

The cost of calling a 0300 number must always be informed so that the user knows how much he will spend.

The scope of a 0300 number is national.


National numbers: 4004 (or 3003)

The 4004 numbers are used to make “shared” calls. This means that the caller has a certain cost and the rest of the call is paid by the caller. The user has a small cost, but always ends up paying less than if he were calling directly.

The 4004 numbers are no longer distributed as there are no more combinations available. To continue with the service, now, numbers 3003 are available.

The scope of a 4004 or 3003 number is national.

National numbers: 4003

The numbers 4003 are similar to the numbers 4004 (or 3003), but they are less comprehensive. As with the other two numbers, there is a cost reduction for those who are calling, that is, calls made to a 4003 number are also shared.

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