What is Reverse URA? Know everything about the resource!

What is Reverse URA? Know everything about the resource!

The meaning of URA is Audible Response Unit. This function is widely used in Call Center systems, where every action performed on one side needs to reach the other side. you will meet today what is reverse ura and how it can help to increase productivity and improve some operational processes.

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When a Call Center starts using Reverse URA, the customer service system is completely transformed. The agility of responses is impressive, thus increasing the speed with which responses reach customers.

You need to agree that fast, satisfying service is what most customers are looking for in a business. Thus, the resource is practically indispensable.

Understand what Reverse IVR is and how it works

The Audible Response Units operate in Call Center operations, mainly in inbound services, working as follows: the service is electronic and the customer is directed according to their needs.

For you to understand better what is reverse ura, let's first understand what Active URA is.

Active URA is when the company itself makes contact with the customer in an automatic way and when he answers, the transfer is made to an electronic service, where it is possible to navigate through the available menus, until arriving at an answer that eliminates all doubts.

You will find different types of URAs on the market. At TW Solutions, you can find the best options and all of them are linked to the operation with predictive dialers, those usually found in Call Center operations that make collections or marketing actions.

Companies use a type of IVR Message a lot, which has a very interesting function. This type of IVR sends voice text messages to customers with a spoken message.

Managers looking for better savings options can find many solutions with the use of Reverse IVR.

In service operations, using a Reverse IVR it is possible to have the option of service with transfer, that is, it is possible to transfer customer service to an operator. This transfer allows for a more targeted service, as the operator will know which is the most correct service for each situation.

Reverse IVR Benefits

There are some very important benefits that the service with Reverse IVR offers companies.

One of these benefits is the optimization of working time. In addition to increasing production, the customer can get answers very quickly. It is also possible to identify customers when making calls.

The increase in service is due to the response time for calls, as the customer has a first-time contact with the electronic service. In this type of service, there is no congestion in the Call Center, as customers are attended to immediately.

Final considerations

Know what is reverse ura it is of great value for those who are thinking of hiring this type of service. If you are thinking about reducing costs with calls and assistance within the company, you can count on the services offered by Telephone Systems Services. Access our website today and learn about our solutions.



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