5 positive points of the IP PBX that your company needs to know

5 positive points of the IP PBX that your company

Even with the various technologies that emerge every year, telephone service is still one of the most used in the country. The IP PBX is one of the most practical and economical telephone systems on the market. meet some positive points of the IP PBX and deploy enhancements simply by enabling them in the system.

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Want to better understand how the PBX system works? It is a device that has the function of centralizing the entire internal telephone system of your company, allowing the internal telephones to make calls to each other.

The IP PBX works with similar functions, the only difference is that it uses the IP network for voice traffic. In this system, all the functionalities of a PBX called conventional are used, plus the extra resources that the IP PBX has.

Many entrepreneurs are looking for effective solutions to reduce unnecessary expenses. It is up to the manager of these companies to obtain knowledge about market innovations. The IP PBX telephone system, in addition to reducing costs, offers several functionalities and additional features that contribute to modern communication at a reduced cost.

5 positive points of the IP PBX for you to know

See below the 5 positive points of the IP PBX and purchase this solution for your company today. Feel the cost savings in your pocket!

1. Easier to administer the network

When the company manages to unify its telephone data system, without a doubt, the management becomes much more positive, as the control of functions is more assertive. The IP PBX system facilitates this unification and administration of operation, as there is only a single data network.

If a problem occurs, the tools available in this system allow real-time diagnosis. This agility serves both the telephone system and the data network.

2. Customization of services

With the implementation of the IP PBX system, the company has the possibility to customize its telephone calls, redirecting them to a cell phone or even to different locations after a certain time or on weekends, if you prefer.

Among these various positive points of the IP PBX, is how quickly you can create numbers and extensions, including the creation of a numbering plan for all the extensions you want. With these services, the management of all created extensions becomes much easier.

3. Increased productivity

One of the positive points of the IP PBX is related to the increase in productivity of telephone calls within the company, because through an automatic messaging system and a call routing to extensions that are unoccupied, your customers will always be served quickly, not needing to spend hours on the line to be serviced.

4. Significant cost reduction

A company that purchases IP PBX services has cost savings that have a significant impact on its financial income.

This is because this technology uses only the data network to transmit voice, reducing maintenance costs or other unforeseen events.

Another advantage of this technology is that it is possible to use a VoIP operator that has much lower rates to make calls, as is the case with TW Solutions.

5. Much more optimized customer service

Definitely, after knowing all these positive points of the IP PBX, you must have already convinced yourself that this service will contribute a lot to your company's development.

With the IP PBX system, it is also possible to customize the time your customer is on the line, with personalized music, advertisements or even allowing your customer to choose which department he wants to talk to.

All this is possible thanks to the implementation of the URA (Audible Response Unit).



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