Using the Voicemail Blasting Application in Asterisk

Using the Voicemail Blasting Application in Asterisk

We continue the series of articles that describe using the built-in applications provided by Asterisk platform, with the description of the Voicemail Blasting application application. This application can be configured through “Free PBX” (web administration interface for Asterisk) in the section“Internal Options & Configuration”. The option offers the possibility for a voice message to be distributed to more than one extension.

In order to better understand how it works, we take the following example. We assume that in a sales department, it is desirable to make an announcement to all sellers informing them that starting next week prices will change. The person making the announcement dials a certain number previously defined and records a voice message that will later be distributed to the (internal) extensions associated with the sales department.

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Another use of this application is that the distribution of a group of extensions, voice messages received from an external call. Let's assume that a caller wants to speak to a representative of a certain department, but the call arrives outside of our work. The caller is redirected to an IVR, from where he can choose which department to send his message to. (Example, for sales department press 1, for press service department 2, etc.). The voice message will be distributed to the extensions (internal) assigned to that specific department.

Next, we will describe the steps required to configure the Voicemail Blasting application for the first scenario.

Configuring the Voicemail Blasting application

  • Access the administration interface through a web browser
  • In the section Internal Options & Configurations“, select option “Voicemail Blasting”.
  • In the field “VMLast Number”, enter the number from which the voicemail application will be called. In our example, this number is of 500.
  • In the field “Group Description” insert group name
  • In the field “Audio Label” choose the greeting message used when accessing the app. If the option “Read Group Number” is chosen, when 500 will be dialed, on the receiver a confirmation message will be heard, in order to verify that the number assigned to the application Voicemail Blasting application it was deliberately marked. If the option “Beep Only – No Confirmation” is chosen, when 500 is dialed, no confirmation will be asked, and an audio message (beep) will be heard when the voicemail application starts, it will be heard.
  • From the list of available extensions, choose those you wish to be notified when a voice message is recorded by dialing 500
  • Save the settings made in the steps above.
Voicemail Blasting Voicemail Blasting

Using the Voicemail Blasting application

  • From a SIP phone enter the number assigned to the blasting voicemail application (eg nostru 500)
  • Depending on the option chosen in the setup, a confirmation message or an audio signal will be heard
  • Record the desired message to be delivered later. Message size must be greater than 2 seconds
  • End application / recording when call ends
  • The recorded message will be sent to the advised extensions. Your notification will be made in different ways depending on the equipment / application used:
    • IP phone – display notification and audio signal
    • email
    • softphone – popup window

To access the extensions message, access the assigned voicemail inbox corresponding to each extension in part. This had been previously configured within the installation. SIP, extension, described in the article “Configuring the SIP extension for Asterisk” . Voicemail will be accessed by dialing the “*97” code Asterisk, assigned to the option “My Voicemail” or “*98” assigned to access the voicemail service. In our example, the codes for asterisk to voicemail / My service of voice mail have remained unchanged.



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