Solutions for medical clinics to confirm appointments

Solutions for medical clinics to confirm appointments

Telephone Systems Services is a company specialized in intelligent digital telephony systems such as: Survey systems, reverse IVR and voice torpedoes. Our clients are collection companies, credit recovery, health plans, cable TV sales, sales of telephone plans, offices and medical clinics. In addition to VoIP and Callcenter phone plans, we also offer solutions for medical clinics.

Have you thought about having an automatic service to confirm your customers' queries? one of our solutions for medical clinics is a torpedo used to confirm medical appointments. This solution is easily integrated with most systems on the market and allows the sending of a voice and/or SMS text message requesting confirmation of presence through an URA (Audible Response Unit) or a confirmation according to the options provided.

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Solutions for medical clinics: example

For you to understand how easy the solution is, check out the example below:

Automatic message: Good Morning! We are from the Anhanguera Medical Clinic. If you are “AMANDA FERRAZ”, dial 1. If you know this person, dial 2. If not, dial 3.

Case 1: We are calling to let you know that you have an appointment with the Endocrinologist Dr. Alberto Ferrarini on June 20, 2015 at 2 pm. To confirm your presence, dial 1. To cancel, dial 2. To reschedule, dial 3 and wait for the answer.

Case 2: As soon as possible, please ask “AMANDA FERRAZ” to contact you by calling 0800-000-1010.

Case 3: Wait a moment and we will answer you (call will be redirected to the attendant).

Solutions for medical clinics: main features

Check out the main features of our automatic appointment confirmation solution:

  • Integration with any clinic system
  • Real-time response, right in the patient's “medical record”
  • Reschedule the online appointment
  • Shipments scheduled by date and time
  • Full results report


Solutions for medical clinics: integration, costs and benefits


The integration of the automatic tool for confirmation of queries can be carried out via webservice with your system or through a simple upload of a text file, triggering a voice torpedo with Reverse URA, charging automatically.


the cost of our solutions for medical clinics is one of the smallest on the market. Our tool is not only cheap, but of great quality. Check out:

Sending Torpedo with Automatic IVR

  • National Landlines: R$ 0.08 for 30-second messages
  • National Mobile Phones: R$0.35 for 30-second messages

Sending SMS to confirm appointments


Having a tool that confirms queries fully automatically brings many benefits to your business. The process of automating tasks optimizes the time of the entire team.

Another great benefit that our tool offers is the reduction of cancellations and no-shows for appointments. Often, the patient decides not to go on the scheduled date and forgets to notify him, which ends up interfering with the professional's schedule. With an automatic confirmation tool, this risk is minimized as it is the solution that goes after the patient.

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