Know what an Active Callcenter is and how it works

Saiba o que é um Callcenter Ativo e como ele funciona

One Active Callcenter is one where agents (also known as Active Telemarketing Operators) make calls to people.

These calls can be made for many reasons. One purpose is to make sales to potential buyers, another is to make calls to remind certain customers that payments are in arrears, and another is to make welcome calls from businesses to customers.

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Know what an Active Callcenter is and how it works

To understand how a Active Callcenter works, let's consider the example of a telephone company that makes multiple types of calls to its customers. The following situations may exist:

  • The agents of the center of Active Callcenter make welcome calls to new customers who join the company's network. They are simple calls that aim to explain to new customers about the various features of the product/service offered by the company.
  • The company may also have agents of Active Callcenter responsible for the collection area. In this case, agents are responsible for calling customers and reminding them of due dates and late payments.
  • In addition, the company may also have teams that call customers to resolve their grievances/problems, previously recorded in a call. This happens when the Receptive Call Center cannot solve the problem the moment the customer contacts you. In this case, a ticket is opened with the details of the connection for the agents of the Active Callcenter contact us later.
  • Another common purpose of the Active Callcenter is to make sales calls to potential customers, informing details about the company's products and services with the intention of attracting new customers.

In short, to Active Call Centers we can assign a multitude of tasks and roles. Agents, too, can be reallocated from one task to another based on their intrapersonal skills and knowledge.

Active Callcenter Types

as well as the Receptive Callcenter, you Active Call Centers they can be national or international. US national call centers, agents must only place calls within their own country while in the international call centers, calls can be made anywhere abroad.




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