is it worth investing in this business?

is it worth investing in this business?

Campaigns carried out by SMS text messages, also known as SMS Marketing, are increasingly popular. O SMS Marketing has proved to be very effective for companies in the most diverse segments. Today, we're going to talk about this type of marketing and understand why it's worth investing.

There are several companies that offer the service of SMS Marketing. One of them is Telephone Systems Services. Our services are robust and offer great benefits for your company. In our most basic plan, for example, you can send up to 30,000 torpedoes for any operator and pay only BRL 0.06 per torpedo. In other words, the savings are huge and the returns too.

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Nowadays, if you don't invest in campaigns SMS Marketing, you can lose a lot of money and a lot of market space. Really. Let's understand why invest in a marketing campaign SMS Marketing can be beneficial to your business.

The campaigns of SMS Marketing they guarantee an extremely high open rate compared to an email campaign, for example. We usually open and read every text we receive, even when we're not sure what the message is about, which is why the open rate for these campaigns is frighteningly high. O SMS Marketing it's perfect not just because it informs your customers, but mostly because you're sure they actually received and viewed the information. It's great to use the service to broadcast important news.

With the rise of smartphones, texting has become even more useful for marketers. Unlike regular cell phones, smartphones allow us to see the beginning of the message before we even open it. When planning your campaign SMS Marketing, think carefully about the first few words of your message to motivate people to read them thoroughly.

As the mobile phone is always with us, we usually open it and read a text message within an hour of receipt. This means that with the SMS Marketing you can accurately calculate how long the information will be read by your audience.


The best thing about the SMS Marketing is that campaigns are short and precise, perfect for the company and the customer. People who live busy lives appreciate concise information. In addition, you, as a company, will also spend less time preparing your campaign.

You can easily integrate text messages with other marketing methods to create a common strategy.

It's worth, and a lot, to invest in SMS Marketing. Recent surveys have shown that SMS campaigns are 33% more popular with customers than voicemail and email, for example. Especially now, when SMS prices have dropped a lot, the SMS Marketing became more accessible to be included in your company's strategy. Discover Plugvoip's SMS plans and leverage your business today!



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