Disadvantages of an Autodialer

While an autodialer is a great way to streamline the calling process in your Callcenter, it also has some drawbacks.

Let's check what the Disadvantages of an Autodialer.

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Disadvantages of an Autodialer: Forecasts fail

Predictions from an autodialer may not be 100% accurate. In these cases, two things can happen:

  1. The autodialer makes a call, but none of the agents are yet free to answer it. In such cases, the person at the other end of the line may become irritated due to “blank call” and hang up.
  2. If a deliberate delay is introduced into the dialer such that it will wait a few seconds to guarantee 100% agent availability, it defeats the purpose of having an automatic dialer at the fastest speed possible.

This is one of the Disadvantages of an Autodialer, although not very serious, as currently prediction algorithms are quite robust.

Disadvantages of an Autodialer

Disadvantages of an Autodialer: Minimum number of agents

The next point to consider is the number of agents who make the calls.

This is important because prediction algorithms tend to work well only when the number of agents is high.

Professionals specializing in Callcenter indicate that the minimum number of agents indicated for the proper functioning of an automatic dialer is approximately 15. So, for smaller Callcenters that only have a few people making calls, automatic dialers do not offer many advantages.

Disadvantages of an Autodialer: Answering Machine Detection

Autodialers make calls automatically and when those calls are answered by a person, the dialer immediately connects with an idle agent.

To do this, automatic dialers hear a response from the other end for every number they dial.

In cases of muted phone or busy signal, the software is usually good enough to accurately capture and interpret the signals. However, in cases where the call goes to an answering machine, things are not so simple.

Disadvantages of an Autodialer

The automatic dialer software relies on basic voice recognition techniques to identify whether it's a human answer or simply an answering machine. Techniques such as listening for the moment of “pause” (eg ‘Hello'…pause) are used by the dialer for this purpose. The problem is that this voice recognition technology is not 100% accurate, and the dialer can confuse an answering machine with a human being and vice versa.

If an answering machine is mistaken for a human being, the call will be delivered to the agent and it will be an unproductive waste of time as agents can't do anything to a machine's response. This case is known as a “false positive”.

This is considered one of the most significant Disadvantages of an Autodialer.

The failure detection cases described above also result in an increase in abandoned call rates, which must always be kept below stipulated levels.

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