If you are planning to attend an interview for work in callcenter, you may be wondering what questions you will need to answer. One of them, for sure, will be: “Why do you want to work in our Callcenter?”

If you try to look for the most accurate answer to this question so that you can be successful in your interview, then stop doing that right now. You are looking online for an answer that lies within yourself.

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There are no right and wrong answers in an interview, and not everything revolves around technical issues.

The main reason Callcenter Managers and Owners ask this question is because they want to judge how long you are likely to stay on the job.

Attrition in Callcenters is very high compared to other industries, so the idea is to look for people who want to stay for a considerable period of time.


Whatever your reasons, any question must be answered honestly and sincerely. so if you want work in callcenter because this is the best paying job you can get with your current educational qualifications, there's no problem with that.

Working in Callcenter: main reasons

Here are the main reasons which novices choose to work in callcenter.

  1. No specific or advanced training is required for work in callcenter.
  2. Most young people choose to work in callcenter because your friends are doing the same thing, and it's interesting to earn money from it.

Returning to the interview scenario, let's consider a few more points.

Honestly consider why you want work in callcenter. Search within yourself and get to know yourself well.

Work in Callcenter it is not synonymous with fun and the company of energetic young people. There are goals and objectives in any job.


You need to be sure that you can spend all day on calls, be fully aware of how a Callcenter works and what skills are expected of agents.

Be aware of the positives and negatives of working in this type of environment. Some people thrive and thrive in such environments, while others are better suited for different types of work.

Think about:

  1. Your educational goals;
  2. Your career goals;
  3. Its positive and negative points;
  4. Your short-term and long-term goals.

If after thinking about it all you still feel that you can succeed in the Callcenter industry, go ahead and good luck!

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