Cloud tools: 5 tools you need to know for tourism companies

There are multiple advantages and benefits provided by cloud tools for tourism businesses. The main ones are simplicity, reliability and practicality. Online booking software is moving to the Cloud and offers a whole range of features for tourist establishments.

Discover our selection of 5 Cloud software to know!

# 1 MisterBooking: hotel management software in Cloud mode

MisterBooking Hotel is a PMS that offers no less than four integrated and comprehensive hotel management solutions.

The software allows, among other things, to manage its daily operations such as the management of schedules, cleaning tours or invoicing, and to optimize the filling of its establishment.

The interface is simple to use and intuitive.

The booking engine provides real-time access to its statistical reports and management tools.

In addition, there are many features for rental management: owner management, commission settings, sending rental receipts and deposit management.

Integrated in the Cloud, the software works with an annual subscription which covers all the management of the hotel or tourist establishment.

# 2 MyRezApp: an online booking tool for tourist activities

MyRezApp is an all-in-one cloud tool that allows you to manage their hotel planning, reservations, payments, customer relations and marketing.

Not only intended for hotel establishments, the software is dedicated to all companies that work with tourist reservations. The software adapts to the services and activities you offer!

The strong points are great flexibility and ease of use – you don't have to be an expert!

Among other functions, MyRezApp offers calendar and availability management, reservation management, task automation and customer relationship management.

It is also possible to use marketing tools directly integrated into the software. We can thus solicit the opinions of customers or create gift cards (reduction when booking).

# 3 Trawex Cloud Suite: quick and easy travel booking

Thanks to a robust cloud platform, Trawex benefits from a simple and fast implementation. The TravelTrawex reservation system is already used by hundreds of customers around the world. Hotel establishments appreciate it in particular for its flexibility and personalized solutions.

In addition to offering all the features required for booking, Trawex Cloud Suite also offers a customer rating and comment management system, “Travel Guides” options, social media integration into the platform, a cat online, tailor-made affiliate programs …

Payment for the software is made in one go and can then be adapted according to the tools chosen.

# 4 Homeresa: specializing in seasonal rentals

Homeresa is a software with 15 years of experience in the field of tourist reservation. Specially dedicated to vacation rental companies, the software integrated in the Cloud makes it possible to create a personalized booking site. It also makes it possible to manage the services at the various reception points. Homeresa is a partner of Booking, Airbnb, or even HomeAway.

The main strengths of Homeresa are access to professional software and impeccable support. A very reliable software that will suit both vacation rental sites and travel agencies.

# 5 Aloa tourisme: cloud solutions and e-tourism telephony

Aloa tourisme offers a cloud solution mainly based on VoIP telephony and collaborative work. By relying on the services of the company Amedia Solutions, Aloa provides companies with a VoIP telephony system (with all the advantages that this includes). It also offers a management solution for your points of sale, online sales tools, accounting, online sales, communication supports and commercial tools specializing in the management of group reception and business customers.

With more than 200 destinations equipped, it is therefore a very complete solution that Aloa offers to companies specializing in e-tourism.

And you, what are your essential cloud tools in the tourism sector?

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