6 Benefits You Can't Ignore

O IP PBX has changed the scenario of telephony in the UK and the reason is very simple: it brings with it several benefits that cannot be ignored. If you want to know more about this technology and understand why the IP PBX can be just as beneficial to your business or home office, stay with us.

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One IP PBX it is a complete telephone system. Its basic premise is to provide phone calls over IP data networks. This means that all conversations are sent as data packets across the network. Exchange your conventional PBX system for a system IP PBX it can mean a big cost savings, but that's not all. Check out the 6 benefits we selected below.

1. Connection costs (DDD and IDD) are reduced

By using the Internet as the transmission medium, the costs of long-distance calls to cell phones or landlines are reduced. Also, it is possible to program your IP PBX that he always use the lowest cost route.

2. With IP PBX, your productivity increases

Is it possible to access the resources of a system IP PBX anywhere over the Internet. This means that executives, salespeople and any other traveling professionals will be “connected” to the company for a much longer period of time.


3. Unified numbering for all sectors of the company

O IP PBX allows you to contract a unified numbering plan for all sectors of your company, even if you have several units spread across different cities and countries.

4. Free calls between your company's branches

Have you ever thought about being able to interconnect all your company's branches in a single communication system through dedicated links or through a simple Internet connection? That means free calls between all affiliates. Like IP PBX, it is possible.

5. Great scalability

The technology IP PBX it has Plug and Play functionalities (Connect and Use). Furthermore, its architecture is based on open standards. This means that you can implement and integrate new applications and expansions with extreme ease. As your business grows, your IP PBX it can also grow.


6. The Internet as your ally

system users IP PBX are able to administer, configure and access any application through a web browser, just have an Internet connection. There is no need to install specific apps or plugins.

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