10 Benefits of Virtual PABX You Are Missing

10 Benefits of Virtual PABX You Are Missing

The company that invests in technology is always highlighted in the market, demonstrating that it knows how to save and invest in the right areas for the enterprise to grow and evolve. For you to be in the market, it is interesting to invest in telephone exchanges such as PABX Virtual. Today, we will present 10 indisputable Benefits of Virtual PABX for you to migrate today to this ever-growing technology.

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What is Virtual PABX?

Basically, PABX is a telephone distribution center that belongs to a company that does not have the activity of passing on or providing its essential data for public telephone services.

With a Virtual PABX central, it is possible to make calls between internal telephones without the need for manual manipulation, in addition to being able to make calls and receive from external networks.

The Virtual PBX, unlike the traditional PBX, works over the internet, being much more modern and offering a series of features that the traditional PBX does not support.

Let's cite 10 below Benefits of Virtual PABX. Take note!

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10 Benefits of Virtual PABX

1. Ease of communication

This technology will facilitate the flow of communication in your business. You will be able to have an extension for each department, making life easier for the consumer and the customer.

2. Multiple lines on one device

In addition to having multiple features, it is not necessary to have multiple telephone numbers or multiple outside lines to link communication. A phone line is enough to deploy the system. Ideal for industries, offices, companies, condominiums, schools, hospitals.

3. Make your corporate environment work more

In a business, you typically need multiple extensions rather than phone lines. The Virtual PABX makes the cost value to be lower compared to telephone lines.

4. A series of benefits

You can benefit from service, information reception, busy test, interconnection, alert, supervision, greater availability, IVR, call transfer and many other features.

5. Low cost calls

The low cost between calls is another of the Benefits of Virtual PABX. Due to the cellular interface interconnected to the PABX, it is possible to make calls from landline to cell phone with the cost of low calls, even at no cost.

If your company needs to make calls to cell phones, such as billing companies, telemarketing, external customers, this technology is ideal.

6. Mobility is everything these days

The facility of this technology is to be able to install applications that transform your cell phone into the industry's mobile extension.

Therefore, if your employee is not at the company, the call can be redirected to his cell phone.

7. Managed cost

Charging makes it possible to manage the expenses of each branch of the project, that is, you can account for and request cost reductions from each department of the company.

8. Production at full speed

By configuring software that improve activities, you can have control and have services such as IVR, service management, voice mail, recorded calls and even direct or transfer calls. Which telephone company offers these services at no additional cost?

9. Cost reduction

Thanks to this technology, your company now has all communication branches connected to a single central, generating faster connections, with good quality and without any cost between all sectors, and may even include other interconnected companies.

10. Easy maintenance

The maintenance of this technology is very simple and offers lower rates compared to traditional telephony in some situations, even without any cost.

Final considerations

He was excited about the Benefits of Virtual PABX? If you are looking for great savings and a technology that is faster and more practical, invest in the Virtual PABX and make your company's profit increase exponentially.



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