What is unified communications?

What is unified communications?

What is the first object you handle in the morning when you wake up, and the last when you go to bed? If the answer is your smartphone, you are part of this ultra-connected society.

Instantaneous information and increasingly nomadic use, new technologies are disrupting our way of communicating and by extension our way of working. Indeed, expectations in terms of mobility, productivity and cost reduction make these innovations knock on companies' doors.

In terms of business telephony, we hear a lot about unified communication. But do you know what unified communications are and what are the benefits for their users, managers and employees? Explanations.

What does unified communication mean?

This involves merging a set of communication tools and services, “unifying” them in order to facilitate and streamline exchanges and collaboration in real time.

In fact, a unified communications system (or UC for Unified communications) includes the following features:

  • Voice: makes it possible to make and receive calls with all the functionalities of a switchboard;
  • Messaging: communicate by email or instant messaging and simply archive your discussions;
  • Conference: organize in a few clicks, a conference call with your employees, your service providers, your customers;
  • Video: videoconferencing, document sharing or screen sharing, collaboration is reinventing and modernizing;
  • Mobility: access all of your work and communication tools wherever you are and regardless of the terminal used. All your devices are synchronized in real time;
  • Multi-terminal single number : you can be reached on a single landline number. When you receive a call, all your terminals ring and you can pick up the receiver on your desk phone, mobile phone or from your computer.

Numerous advantages for users

Many benefits of UC for business leaders

Outside and in the office. Whether you are on the move, with clients or telecommuting, your office is in your pocket. The solution offers better responsiveness and faster exchanges and thus increases your productivity.
Need a clarification? Do a screen share to illustrate your point. Need presentation support? Share your documents very easily. Need a meeting with different interlocutors? Organize a vision conference in two clicks.

Ease of use. Do not multiply your points of contact. Communicate your landline number and remain reachable at your desk, but also on the mobile or even from your computer screen.
A unique and intuitive interface whatever the device used. No multiple training, no waste of time finding your various documents.

Better business attractiveness. Putting in place more efficient tools reinforces the image of an innovative company and improves its employability.

Multiple benefits for employees

Working comfort. The main attraction for the employee lies in having work tools that are easy to use and flexible in their use.
A single interface whatever the terminal used: PC, landline phone, smartphone… all devices are synchronized in real time!

Flexibility. Unified communications make nomadism enter the company. Employees have access, wherever they are, to all essential functions: emails, telephone, document sharing and management, internal messaging, calendar, videoconferencing and collaborative functions.

By “unifying” all the tools, a unified communications solution will allow all users to switch from one means of communication to another, in a fluid manner and without launching other applications. Each user will be able, at any time, to get in touch with his interlocutor in the most efficient way possible, and this via the most suitable means.

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