Using text torpedo campaigns to your advantage

Using text torpedo campaigns to your advantage

Unsurprisingly, campaigns for voice torpedo are becoming more and more successful. This, which is an innovative solution, brought companies the opportunity to carry out telemarketing automatically. Campaign plans for voice torpedo Telephone Systems Services enable companies of any size to strengthen their relationship with their customers and create successful campaigns.

The campaigns of voice torpedo are simple. As the name implies, the method consists of sending voice recordings to customers. These recordings can be sent to both mobile and landline phones.

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Companies can create campaigns for voice torpedo to inform, invite and notify. It is a very powerful communication and marketing tool.


The Benefits of a Voice Text Campaign

There are countless benefits provided by a good campaign voice torpedo. Let's check out some of them below.

Ease of reaching the public wherever it is

Your customers usually leave home with three things: car keys, a purse or wallet, and their cell phone. The campaigns of voice torpedo ensure that your message reaches your customers no matter where they are.

Speed ​​to create

You can create a campaign in just a few minutes and launch it even faster. Hundreds of messages will arrive at their destinations in no time.

Quickness to reach

Approximately 90% of voice torpedo campaigns are viewed within 15 minutes of sending. No other advertising medium reaches your target audience so quickly.

Possibility of segmentation

If you're not willing to risk investing money in potential customers, you can create campaigns only for existing customers who are in a good relationship with you and who are likely to want to continue doing business. Thus, you are guaranteed to pay for something with more certainty of return.

much higher return

The campaigns of voice torpedo they are frighteningly effective, as they have a much higher rate of return than other means (from 20% to 70%). Compare that to print, television, radio, or email marketing that has an average return of 1.5% and you can see the benefit of this type of investment.

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