Using Conferencing on Asterisk

The Asterisk platform provides a list of internal applications that can be configured via the “free PBX” (the web administration interface for Asterisk) in the section “Built-in Options and Configuration”.

Next, we'll describe how the conferencing application provided by the platform Asterisk is configured. In the system used for testing, a distribution v2.6 Free PBX it was installed.

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Asterisk: Conferencing Application Setup

This operation requires connecting to the administration interface using an administrator account.

  1. Access the administration interface through a web browser
  2. In the section “Internal Options and Settings”, select option “Conferences”.
  3. Fill in the fields with the desired settings. In our case, these were defined as follows:
    • Conf. Nr: 4005
    • Conf. Name: Conftest
    • User PIN: 12345
    • Admin PIN: 5
  4. Select the desired values ​​from the dropdown list depending on user preferences / needs. In our case, only the “Music on Hold” has been activated.
  5. Save the settings made in the previous procedure.

Configure and check application

Asterisk: Using the Conferencing App

  1. In order to join the conference, it is necessary to enter the password (defined in point number 3 above)
  2. As long as only one user is logged in, the conference is not open, the “Music on Hold” mode to be activated.
  3. After the second user logs in, the conference is considered open and all its users can hear each other.
  4. The conference ends when the last user leaves the conference.

Asterisk: Using Conferencing App with Admin

In the app setting you can choose the conference administration option by aadministrator. For this, the “Leader Wait” option must be activated from the list of options.

  1. From a SIP phone input the conference camera number.
  2. If logged in as a user, enter the password assigned to the “User”
  3. If logged in as an administrator, enter the assigned password “Admin”
  4. While only users are logged in, for the conference it is not considered open, the mode “Music on Hold” that is being activated.
  5. When the administrator logs in, the conference is considered open and all users can hear each other.
  6. The conference ends when the administrator leaves the conference.

Configure and check application
The conference can be modified depending on preferences / requests to announce the entry / exit of a user, to list the number of users, etc. These settings can be activated from the list of options available on the configuration page of the conference application.



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