Reservation and visibility: 3 online software for my restaurant

Reservation and visibility: 3 online software for my restaurant

Digital is everywhere! Even at your restaurant table.

Online reservations, Facebook reviews or even home delivery, restaurant entrepreneurs have everything to gain in a sector that is increasingly competitive. Discover the 2.0 restoration practices and tools.

Catering in the digital age

The customer journey begins on the internet

Consumers, responsive to online reviews using more and more applications like Yelp, Tripadvisor but also Google reviews and blogs of “foodies” which multiply.
Restaurant owners therefore have every interest in promoting their establishment online. A well-referenced website and a presence on a booking platform will improve your visibility.

Digital improves the customer experience

Beyond the plate, digital makes it possible to give more value and of se differentiate from its competitors in a competitive industry where the general turnover is declining.

Digital technology allows restaurateurs to create added value for their establishment.

In terms of service, online ordering and home delivery are becoming more and more common. The development of services like Deliveroo or Ubereats are proof of a change in consumer behavior.

A tool at the service of restaurateurs

Digital makes life easier for restaurateurs. It allows for example to order products online and find new suppliers on the internet.

It is also a communication tool powerful, which promotes its establishment and widens its catchment area.

Today, communicating on social networks and on your website allows you to attract more customers and target your advertising.

Digital also meets the needs of restaurateurs in terms of establishment management with the development of dedicated software.

3 restaurant software

The fork

Designed by Tripadvisor, La Fourchette helps promote your establishment.

This software integrated in his offer, a website, a booking engine to allow your customers to book through your site or your Facebook page, as well as a software to manage customer reservations.

Cloud management software is tailored to the needs of today's restaurateurs and helps increase efficiency.

It is also a customer loyalty tool from which you can distribute satisfaction surveys or even create emailing or SMS campaigns. The Fork is available in 3 versions between 0 and 89 Pounds per month.

The little extra : you can integrate a reservation button directly on your Tripadvisor page.

My Restau

My Restau is a complete solution for restaurants, composed of several modules.

  • A “services” module to manage orders from the table to the kitchen, view your reservations and your seating plan.
  • A module to create and manage your website with visibility in the My Resto directory.
  • A “menus” module to create and edit your menus, daily specials and offers which will be visible on your site and your Facebook page.
  • A cash register module to manage your customers' cash receipts with a multi-mode function. This module allows you to take orders directly on a tablet and offers intuitive cash register software.

Myrestau offers a range of prices adapted to your needs between 0 and 99 Pounds.

The bill

Addition is the English market leader of the cash register on Ipad. It offers adapted solutions for:

  • Communicate and promote your restaurant by email or SMS, manage your customer base as well as your online reservations.
  • Manage services by centralizing order taking, collections and personnel management.
  • Ensure logistics and accounting management.
  • Build loyalty by creating customer accounts to gain access to their order history and consumption habits.

More SAAS software, the Addition provides the hardware necessary for management of your restaurantt (Cash counter, swap body, printer, etc.).

The little extra : You have access to a team of catering consultants to help you optimize the solution offered by Addition.

While few restaurant owners have yet invested in new services, equipment or even digital management tools, the potential is enormous for restaurant players.

Understanding the challenges of digital and implementing solutions for your establishment will allow you to attract more and more customers who are now connected.

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