Learn a little more about 0800 numbers

Learn a little more about 0800 numbers

If your company is looking to improve its image with its customers and gain prominence in your market, migrating your number to one 0800 number is the best strategy, especially if you have a high volume of calls, either incoming or outgoing. In addition, the 0800 numbers they do not have regionality to the big capitals, being a free call from anywhere in the country. If it was a common number, a customer from another state would have to pay a more expensive call to make contact with the company.

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If you are thinking of expanding your business to other states, the 0800 numbers they can meet your needs without having to open a new contract in the place where you are opening your branch. Your 0800 number will follow the same steps as your company.

Thanks to the software behind a 0800 number, you have a range of possibilities for tracking your calls, such as: call duration, missed calls and fully customized reports.

More information about 0800 numbers

Calls made from a 0800 number for local destinations are not charged, regardless of duration. For long-distance calls, it is possible to subscribe to the broader plan when contracting the services of a 0800 number.

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Calls are not charged like a normal number phone, when installing a 0800 number there is a rental fee, which covers the package of calls and the handset. That's why the 0800 number brings a great cost reduction for the company.

There is still a limitation when we talk about connecting to mobile phones. Not all companies provide this type of service, but TW Solutions is among the listed companies that provide this service upon customer request. Even so, it is necessary to charge an additional service defined in the contract, which may differ from one provider to another.

Advertising effectiveness of toll free numbers

If you are planning a marketing campaign, whether to promote services or the company itself, the 0800 numbers are a great option, as you can measure the success of your campaign in a simple way.

Some companies adopt the strategy of using a 0800 number different for each campaign, so that it is possible to monitor the evolution of each one of them, so that adjustments can be made separately when necessary. This is a cost-effective way of running marketing campaigns as well as measuring the success of each one.

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