Know what a Receptive Callcenter is and how it works

Know what a Receptive Callcenter is and how it works

One Receptive Call Center is one where agents (also known as Inbound Telemarketing Operators) receive phone calls and, from these calls, provide solutions to the problems of the people they are contacting.

The most common type of Receptive Call Center is one that has a support phone number (usually toll free) that we can call at any time for support and troubleshooting. Two examples are banks and telecommunications service providers.

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Know what a Receptive Callcenter is and how it works

To understand how a Receptive Call Center works, let's consider an example of a telephone company that has a number available that its customers can call. See how the Receptive Call Center works in this case:

  1. Customers call the phone number provided by the company to resolve any queries or complaints regarding the company's products. These calls are routed to the office where the Receptive Call Center Its located.
  2. Several people can call simultaneously. Although they are calling the same phone number, the structure of the Receptive Call Center it works similarly to a large network, where there are a lot of bundled phone lines.
  3. The customer's call is then transferred to one of the agents. If all agents are busy talking to other customers, that customer will need to wait a few moments until there is an agent free to take their call. He will be informed of this waiting by the system of Receptive Call Center.
  4. As soon as there is a free agent, he or she answers the customer's call and talks to them to understand their problems and requirements.
  5. Depending on the subject or problem, the agent Receptive Call Center provides the necessary information to the customer or gathers more data to try to help them. If the problem the customer is facing cannot be resolved immediately, the agent must enter the details of the problem into their system so that this request is forwarded to the specialized teams, thus opening a ticket. The agent in these cases simply informs the customers of the time it will take for the issue to be resolved and ends the call.

Know what a Receptive Callcenter is and how it works

Types of Inbound Callcenter

There are two types of Receptive Call Center: they can be national or international.

In the case of national call centers, customers will only be from within your country. In the case of international call centers, you can receive calls from all over the world.

When international call centers When interviewing potential candidates, they start to take several things into account, such as the number of foreign languages ​​the candidate has knowledge of, the candidate's pronunciation and also the command of the spoken language.




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