ChanSpy on Elastix

ChanSpy is a utility tool and has a set for its use created by Elastix.

Let's use the graphical interface, go to Menu -> PBX -> Tools -> Asterisk File Editor -> Locate the file “extensions_override_elastix.conf” and put the context:

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exten => _*777.,1,ChanSpy(SIP/${EXTEN:4},q)
exten => _*777.,n,HangUp

exten => _*770.,1,ChanSpy(SIP/${EXTEN:4},w)
exten => _*770.,n,HangUp

This way you can type *777 + the SIP Extension and you will be able to hear the person and he does not hear. If you dial *770 + SIP Extension you can talk to the person at the desired extension and the customer/person does not hear the conversation.

Remember, for this operation to work, you will have to go to:
PBX -> Feature Codes -> ChanSpy ( uncheck the value by Default 555 ) -> Put ” *777 ” ( asterisk + 777 ) and apply a Submit Changes.

This function is widely used in CallCenter to intervene when the CallCenter Operator says something improper to the Client.



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