Callcenter Types (part 3)

We have already seen that it is possible to classify a Callcenter based on the type of call and scope (Active Callcenter or Receptive Callcenter / Domestic Callcenter or International Callcenter) and based on the type of service (in-house or outsourced). In this post, we'll cover rankings based on size and magnitude of operations and based on method of reporting.

Classification Based on Size: Home Callcenter or Virtual Callcenter

This type of Callcenter is usually operated by a single person who works from home. Generally, this “agent” makes calls to a list of people provided by a company for the purpose of making calls related to the service or product or telemarketing calls with the intention of selling services and products.

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Callcenter Types (part 3)

The advantage of this type of operation is that agents can work from the comfort of their own home. For the company, the benefit lies in the reduction of costs, since it will not be necessary to spend money on office space and also on the benefits commonly offered to agents, such as transportation and food costs.

Classification Based on Size: Small, Medium or Large Callcenters

Call centers can also be classified into small, medium or large based on the number of agents. Small Callcenters are typically those that only have around 5 to 10 agents, while medium companies have a capacity of around 30 to 50 seats.

There are also larger Callcenters that serve multiple customers, working on multiple processes at the same time. Many of them work 24 hours a day and employ over 500 agents who work day and night shifts.

Callcenter Types (part 3)

Medium and large call centers often make use of specialized software such as automatic dialers to optimize their operations. In addition to Callcenter agents, there are several other positions at these companies. There are, for example, IT staff, project managers, supervisors and team leaders, trainers, and much more.

Classification based on communication method

A Callcenter is typically a place where agents make or receive phone calls. However, not all contacts are carried out in this way. They can also take place online, in the form of live chats on the company's website, or in the form of email communications. Callcenters that make these other forms of contact possible are known as “Web-enabled Callcenters”. This is the reason why most Callcenters are now called “Contact Centers”, since “Contact” is much more generalized and can represent any other means of communication besides the telephone call




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