all the advantages of this technology for your company

all the advantages of this technology for your company

For the corporate and business market, telephony is essential for the evolution of business, as it is through it that communication with customers and suppliers occurs. Companies are looking for systems that are more reliable and, most importantly, that have an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Performance cannot be overlooked, as efficient communication can bring in more customers, and in this scenario comes the IP PBX (Virtual PBX) as the best solution.

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A few years ago, so that this demand could be met, there was the conventional PABX, an equipment used to interconnect all the telephone lines of a company, where the lines were distributed in the form of an extension, allowing that several calls could be made in this way. simultaneous and toll-free between internal extensions.

With the advancement of technology, even the PBX has evolved, and the IP PBX which has the same functions as the “common” PABX, but more robust in terms of performance, more economical and with a much higher quality of service, therefore, its implementation brings several advantages to the company. Also known as Virtual PABX, the solution allows for greater reach in terms of the number of phone lines supported, making it the ideal solution for expanding businesses.

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Knowing a little more about the IP PBX

The technology used for the IP PBX can work is VoIP (Voice over IP). This technology is based on an IP network, which plays the same role as a traditional switched telephone network. All communication is sent using data packets over the Internet. Don't think that to change your infrastructure to receive the Virtual PABX your company will have to use high financial resources. This will not be necessary, as the changes are simple and the costs involved in this process are minimal and worthwhile.

The solution has direct integration with your system, where you can also choose to use it as an URA (Audible Response Unit), in cases of companies with a customer service center. Also, the IP PBX allows recording conversations, accessing data generated by your system using a database, conducting conferences and accessing voice emails.

From the moment you are with the IP PBX in full operation, existing numbers do not need to be modified. The calls that will be made from the PABX will use its internal data network, allowing the users in question to use the same telephone service.

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One of the main benefits is the cost of calls, as VoIP technology allows calls to have lower costs than calls from a telephone voice system. With the reduction of call costs, the volume of contacts with customers increases.

Final considerations

After everything we've presented about the IP PBX, there is no doubt that this is the best option for your company in terms of telephony. At Telephone Systems Services, you will find the solution you need to have your IP PBX working. Contact us and learn about our plans!



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