Advantages of Cloud Backup (Cloud Backup)

Advantages of Cloud Backup (Cloud Backup)

In the same proportion that companies need to assimilate the growing amount of information in the corporate environment that is generated daily, they need to face a reality that can have serious consequences for your business, which is your data, your most precious asset. Without the data, there is no business! There are companies that have simply closed their doors after losing all their data from years of operation. This happened because they didn't know the advantages of cloud backup, or cloud backup.

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In recent years, with the advancement of technology, new methods for storing information have emerged, where the cloud backup appeared as the best, most economical and most reliable option. Having a cloud structure enables not only backup, but also the recovery and restoration of data stored in the cloud quickly, without the risk of information loss. The software responsible for the structure promotes the interaction between the IT environment and the files that will be stored, creating encrypted copies, mitigating the security risk involving the backup operation.

Changing the backup structure does not only change the way in which information is stored. Its main change is that the costs are considerably reduced, thus allowing investment in other areas for which there was no budget available before.

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The biggest advantages of cloud backup

There are several advantages to using the cloud backup. They include:

Efficiency and reliability

The latest technology used by cloud providers increases the reliability for storing their customers' information as the connection is encrypted. In addition, it has specific protection for applications. Updates or migrations are no longer a concern, as all the infrastructure needed to perform the backup resides with the provider responsible for the service.

Scalability with capital savings

It is not necessary to have large financial resources to acquire a cloud backup. On the contrary, with few financial resources, you can have a good backup scheme, avoiding risk exposure to your company's information. Furthermore, this is an approach that ensures predictable management of increased capacity as well as operating costs.

Improves recovery time for small data sets

Recovering the data that is stored on a server is not a few minutes task, as it is necessary to retrieve the tape from the backup, load it and then locate the data that needs to be recovered and only then start the recovery. Like cloud backup, this process is much faster, where there is no need to manipulate external devices or physical transport, just locate in the cloud the data that must be recovered and the transmission will be carried out via a WAN connection, requiring less time and eliminating costs with a local infrastructure .

Final considerations

If you are looking for a simple solution, where your data is secure and at the same time accessible at any time, the cloud backup or cloud backup is the best solution for you.

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