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West Malling Business Telephone Repair

Phone reapir in Medway

We can extend the life and repair your current business phone and phone system, so why pay high prices for new equipment?

Telephone Repair

We can extend the life and repair your current business phone and phone system, so why pay high prices for new equipment?

* Industry-leading Repair Prices

* All repairs are covered by a warranty

* Inspection of all components

* Product Sanitization

* For current/legacy handsets

* The lowest BER rates

Benefits of Business Phone Repair and Refurb

Telephone Systems Service provides a full repair and refurbishment service for all your telecom equipment. We can repair and refurbish digital and SIP/IP phones, DECT, wireless handsets, headsets and system cards, and various peripheral equipment.

All requisite parts can be fixed, including headset parts, receivers and casings. We also replace buttons and LCDs if necessary.

Our Technical Repair Centre in West Malling

Our West Malling-based specialist in business phone repair provides full diagnostics and repairs down to the component level for legacy and new telephony products.

We have extensive testing equipment and regular training to fix phone faults.

We have a long list of satisfied clients, ranging from large corporations to telephone engineering and telecom maintenance companies. This is a testament to the high quality of our phone repair service.

Refurbishment of business phones

All of our repairs include:

* Product inspection and full product sanitisation.
* Headsets: New ear cushion, shrink wrapping, postal box, serial number barcoded, and barcoded.

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Local Business Telephone Repair West Malling

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Have you accidentally damaged your telephone? We have West Malling's best phone repair service. Our technicians will come to your location and repair your phone in less than an hour. Our team can fix any model phone, no matter how old or new. West Malling phone repair Telephone Systems Service is certified in all aspects of Phone technology and can fix any damage or problems you may have. We can fix any problem, including drops or spills.

VoIP Installer in West Malling

Our on-demand technicians will arrive at your home and fix your phone at a convenient time and location. Would you please tell us what's wrong with your phone and where you want us to meet you? Our Business Telephone Repair West Malling technicians will come to your office, home, or work. Our Business Telephone Repair West Malling specialists will fix your phone in under an hour.

In three easy steps, our Business Telephone Repair West Malling solution will fix your phone. First, let us know about your phone. We will also need to know where you are located and the best time for you. Our system then scans our network for certified business telephone repair West Malling technicians to determine where they are located and available. Then, one of our Telephone Systems Service technicians will be at your place and fix your phone fast and affordably. Your phone will be fixed in less than 60 minutes, and you can get back to work immediately. It's as easy as that.

They are certified and highly skilled. They will arrive on time at your place. The price is known in advance, so there are no surprises. We are familiar with all models and phones. Call our Telephone Systems Service to schedule a business phone repair appointment.

Telephone Systems Service will come to you at your place of convenience, whether it's your office or home. We can complete your business phone repairs in less than 60 minutes. The lifetime service is included at no extra cost. Get your business phone repaired today by booking an appointment.

Call us today to book an urgent West Malling phone repair at your convenience

Same-day Repairs

You don't want your business phone to go down tomorrow, but you need it fixed immediately.

Quick Fix for Business Telephone Repair

There's no need to panic

It hurts when your Business Telephone goes down. We are here to help. We will get your device running quickly and without any hassles

West Malling Business Telephone Repair

We know that you are a West Mallinger and live in constant motion. Your Business Telephone may experience problems or malfunctions as a result. But don't panic. Telephone Systems Service provides fast and reliable telephone repair services for West Malling's professionals, students and tourists. Our experts are trained and certified to assist you with your repairs.

West Malling customers love that we can fix their phones while they wait. Our top priority is to get you back on your schedule and your lifeline fully restored. All services come with a strong guarantee!

Low price guarantee

Telephone Systems Service is better than replacing, and repairs are guaranteed to be cheaper and more efficient.

Business Phone Systems Repair & Troubleshooting

Your business's most important asset is its phone system. It connects you to your customers and clients. Let the experts in West Malling handle the installation of your phone system.

West Malling Phone Engineer

Phone engineers covering all West Malling areas.

Our Telephone Engineers serve the entire West Malling area. BT has trained us in dealing with Telephone, Wi-Fi, Broadband, Internet installation. It is easy to use our Telephone Engineer West Malling Service. We are available to do the work at a fraction of what your Service Provider charges.

It is much easier to contact us, giving the right advice than reading from a script.

Call immediately if you need your phone to work right away.

We offer free advice! We are here to help!

Upgrade your old Master Sockets to the most recent filtered type, an NTE5c.

Slow Broadband was fixed, sockets moved, and unsightly wiring cleaned up.

It isn't easy to home to school because the Wi-Fi keeps dropping.

Play Stations' ‘Lag Time' makes kids unhappy.

Are you suffering from a loud crackly line? Don't put up with the noise! It will slow down your WiFi. Let us inspect it.

You don't want the Router to be in the middle of the hall. This is the type of work that we love.

Strong WiFi coverage is essential for working remotely.

Many people, who used to have to travel to West Malling for work, now work from their homes. We can fit CAT5 or CAT6 cables to connect your home office to your Router. You can also get rid of boosters that don't work by adding a Wireless Access Point. WiFi coverage will be strong and reliable in all areas of your house or office.

Computers and Games Consults run faster when they are hardwired to your router.

Wired Networks are easily installed in any room or office to connect all of your devices. All devices will benefit from Netflix, SMART TVs and Sky services. We're waiting for your call.

Our engineers are available to help you in any way that you require.

We offer a quick and cost-effective repair service to residential and small business customers. Are you looking for a telephone engineer in West Malling? We can help!

Contact us if you experience slow internet, need to move a socket, or want to have a line fault checked.

Phone Engineer in West Malling

West Malling Telephone Engineer Near You!

You can request a quote by phone and schedule a convenient appointment. We serve West Malling and the surrounding areas.

Ex BT Telephone Engineer West Malling – A fast and efficient service

You can book an appointment convenient for you without having to deal with a foreign call centre.

No longer will you have to run the same tests with a script that isn't relevant to your solution.

Because we are Ex BT Telephone Engineers, I can sympathize with your pain. I have 12 years of experience and am used to hearing complaints from customers about their Service Providers. I resolved to do something about it and build a network of reliable Ex BT Engineers throughout West Malling and the rest of the UK. We can now cover all of the UK, Wales, and Scotland. Our network includes over 200 ex-BT Engineers who can help you quickly and at a fraction of the cost. This is without sacrificing quality.

My passion is my work, and I want to provide top-notch service. I can assist you with everything from moving your telephone socket to speeding up your Internet. Also, obsolete business telephone systems can be repaired and maintained. You can have VOIP telephone sockets installed in any area of your office.

Our Service Locations

We serve West Malling and all nearby towns including “ME6, ME20, ME18, ME16, ME99, ME14, TN12, TN15, DA13, ME15”.

It was simple to create a friendly, efficient, and easy-to-use service. I took all the shortcomings of large Service Providers and built my strengths from their weaknesses. Call me to find out if you can get a Telephone Engineer West Malling that will respond quickly within the M25 at a fair price.

It is so easy to find a West Malling telephone engineer.

Contact us to find a Local Telephone Engineer West Malling in your area. My engineers are all experienced and have the right tools and equipment to complete the job professionally and to the highest standards. Many customers have given us glowing reviews praising our artistry, prices and the timeframe in which we completed their telephone jobs.

Our Local Telephone Engineer West Malling serves residential customers as well as small and medium-sized businesses. We offer a variety of services, including repair and provisioning work. These are some of the most common jobs, but we can do anything you need, even if it isn't in our scope.

These are the jobs that telephone engineers in West Malling often do…

Master Socket Conversions – Don't know where your Master Socket is? Need the socket moved to another location?

Extension Socket: Have an extra Telephone Point installed.

Business systems – Install a switchboard system, program extension phone lines, fault locate existing installations, and provide the right advice if necessary.

You will end up with a phone system and broadband that works for you.

Make sure to tidy up old wiring and take out any worn cables.

Do not tolerate slow internet or broadband connections that drop out. After all, you are paying rent for the line. If it isn't working for you, you're wasting your money and time. Call me to take the stress out of your phone problems and solve them quickly and inexpensively.

Keep my number for any job, large or small. I can help you with your West Malling Telephone Engineer needs. You don't have to be in West Malling. We cover all areas of the country. I have over 70 engineers available across the country who can help you. Call me today and discover what great service it is!

Data Cabling

A quality network is essential for data transfers and broadband services. Our customers get the fastest connections speed by installing the highest quality data cables.

Calls & Lines

We can offer all the network features and Analogue lines to our customers through our direct relationship with BT Openreach. No matter if you need new installations or to transfer or convert existing services…


Many broadband technologies, including fixed, wireless and mobile, developed over the past few years. The two most popular in the UK are ADSL (or cable modem) services.


A hosted telephone system, also known as the cloud, is a phone system that runs in a network data centre (also called the cloud) and not at your home. Users can manage the system via a mobile app or web interface. Users can also make calls using the service.



Our proven track record in providing mobile fleet services for businesses proves our ability to respond quickly to mobile needs. We also have direct access to the core mobile network to give you the care and attention your business deserves.


FIx It

Our customers receive a first-class service that will surpass any quote. Our prices are 53% lower than major telecommunications providers, giving us an advantage over our competition.

Telephone Systems Service is committed to providing high-quality service, professionalism and the highest level of customer satisfaction. We are there for our customers. This allows us to assess each project in detail and accurately understand what the installation will look like. Contact us to speak directly with the engineer.

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West Malling Telephone Engineers available for hire

x BT Virgin Media Independent Telephone Engineers West Malling, Broadband Specialist, CCTV Installations and telecom engineers, data network cable Cat5e Cat6a Cat7 Fibre Optic internet technicians for residential and commercial installations as well as fault repairs. Telecommunications systems and switches. Virgin Media, Talk Talk and PlusNet, Sky, ZEN. Relish, Now TV, Sky Q. Fibre Optic Network, mesh Wi-Fi networks for complete home coverage. Specialized test equipment is used. We are approved telecoms, data, voice, and network installers in your area. 

Panasonic system, AVAYA IP Office, Nortel Meridian, BT Versatility VOIP, PADX and Siemen's Telephone Systems. West Malling's local electricians, telecoms engineers, and network data technicians.

For internal and external telecoms, network data and communications, diagnostics and repairs, extra sockets installed and internet dropouts and Wi-Fi connection faults fixed, cut damaged cable repairs and broadband services, VOIP and PABX, same-day service for homes and restaurants, shops and companies, as well as for fibre wiring faults.

You don't need to call your service provider (BT, Openreach or Virgin Media), pay high fees for wiring repairs and installations, and/or talk with Talk Talk, PlusNet or PlusNet. If the fault occurs within your home or workplace, please avoid paying your PS180 call-out fee. This does not include any parts. Our prices include all parts and are set with no surprises.

Our engineers are fully qualified and reliable to help you with any faults or installations at half the price of other service providers. Even if you only need advice or help, call us to speak with an engineer. We will make sure we understand your needs and offer a reliable and honest service. All of our engineers have been approved by ECS and CSCS.

  • BT, Virgin Media and Sky, Plusnet, Zen and XLN by SSE, Post Office, and other service providers broadband, telephone line faults and installations.
  • Our specialist tester will give you the results for broadband connection performance. Get the exact speed you pay.
  • Texecom Alarm system installation, Wired and Wireless systems for home or business.
  • Internet broadband test results to prove your ISP.
  • Our parts are original and genuine for all service providers.
  • Installation of a Wireless Access Point to increase Wi-Fi signal strength in weaker areas
  • Telephone sockets were replaced and upgraded with new NTE master socket upgrades.
  • For garages and homes, ring bells can be installed both internally and externally.
  • Additional telephone extension sockets for Skybox, Alarm panels and Fax machines.
  • There are no incoming dial tone repairs or noisy and crackly lines faults. To improve broadband speeds, we recommend that you replace any old wiring.
  • You can move your telephone line to relocate doors, shutters and windows.
  • Repairs and installations of PDQ Chip and Pin machines, as well as the relocation of PDQ's.
  • Wi-Fi connection repairs by specialist testers, ADSL/VDSL broadband slow. Full broadband optimization.
  • Your service provider should be able to prove faults, Sky, BT and Virgin Media, EE Talk PlusNet, Zen, XLN Telecom, Three broadband.
  • BT Infinity broadband, BT Youview Box, Internet streaming faults BBC iPlayer and Netflix.
  • Installations and faults of complete Cat5e and Cat6 data cabling. Additional Ethernet cabling to support media devices.
  • Virgin Media TV, Broadband, and Telephone line Installations and Repairs.
  • Repairs and installations of Sky dish signals, additional points, LNB upgrades.
  • CCTV installations and repairs, CCTV faults, IP cameras, remote monitoring from your smart-phone
  • Signal repairs, aerial faults, and installation, as well as extra socket points.
  • Installations and minor electrical faults can be corrected with additional electrical outlets.
  • Removing and disconnecting old cables and sockets, cable tidy and replacements of junction boxes for all telecommunications service providers.
  • Telephone systems: Panasonic Versatility, Norstar Meridian and Versatility. Mitel engineers. Wi-Fi Access Points. Powerline adapters faults. Electrician West Malling UK.

VoIP Repair West Malling

Modern phone systems to help your business

Companies are no longer limited to the office. The cost of traditional office telephone systems can prove prohibitive. Small and medium-sized companies might not have the necessary resources or networking expertise to implement reliable solutions. These solutions can improve communication and efficiency, but they are often very affordable. There are many VoIP providers, but what happens if your system stops working? Our West Malling VoIP Repair Service will come to your office and fix your VoIP problems.

VoIP repairs don't have to be complicated or time-consuming. As your advocate and partner with national service providers, we ensure that your internal network is correctly wired and configured so that you can hear the best possible voice quality. As part of our VoIP repair service, you can also add new phones.

The Working VoIP Solution should be:

  • Stable We manages the migration seamlessly, and you can keep your current phone numbers.
  • Supported Expert support is included.
  • Flexible These systems let you answer, forward, and manage voicemail from anywhere.
  • Affordable Implement a fully-featured phone system without any maintenance or hardware costs.

Our expertise can help you fix your VoIP system. You don't have to pay anything if you get a free evaluation on your site.

The West Malling Source for VoIP Repair

Communications technology has had its faults since the inception of VoIP. We repair and fix call recording, call recording, call dialling, auto-dialling and business VoIP. We can help your West Malling business with VoIP problems. We cover areas including “ME6, ME20, ME18, ME16, ME99, ME14, TN12, TN15, DA13, ME15”.

Telephone Systems Service has been providing services to businesses in West Malling and surrounding areas for years. We specialize in VoIP system repairs, including troubleshooting Voice over IP systems and DSX systems. Phone system services include phone system cabling, office phones, expansions of business phone systems, and repair.

We specialize in VoIP repair for businesses.

Telephone Systems Service provides the services that small and growing businesses require in today's competitive market. We offer comprehensive VoIP repairs for office phones and business VoIP phone systems throughout West Malling and other parts of the UK. Voice over IP (VoIP) is the next generation in telecommunication technology. Unlike landline phone systems that use local phone services, VoIP systems use the internet to transmit all calls and voicemails to faxes. This allows your business to be more flexible regardless of where you are located. Our West Malling VoIP fault-finding service will ensure that your services go back online quickly.

Telephone Systems Service has made it our mission to offer the best office phone systems and business VoIP technology repair services. We are experts in installing, servicing, and supporting VoIP phone systems. We can assist you with any type of office VoIP phone system.

How VoIP Repairs Can Benefit Your Business

  • We have years of experience in VoIP repairs and services.
  • Our services are geared towards small- to medium-sized businesses.
  • We will quickly resolve your phone problems and troubleshoot any other business phone issues.
  • We take care of all aspects of VoIP and DSX systems.

Telephone Systems Service is available to repair your VoIP system or office phone system with no hang-ups.

VoIP Technician in West Malling

Your company can now make and receive calls again using the latest VoIP repair technology. Your organization shouldn't rely on a VoIP that isn't performing well. Telephone Systems West Malling can provide VoIP repairs that will allow you to take advantage of lower telecom rates as well as additional features that will power your business throughout the day.

VoIP Business Phone System Repair West Malling

VoIP business phone system billing usually comes at a lower price than other telecom phone services. Our VoIP Business Phone System Repairs West Malling will locate the problem and repair it for less than any other company. Don't worry about the person not being able to pick up your phone. Use our West Malling VoIP repair service to avoid losing a client.

West Malling VoIP Phone Installer

Diverse industries have been adapting to/switching to flexible technology that lowers capital expenditure and reduces operating costs. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) ticks both of these boxes. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a digital phone system that offers businesses measurable cost savings and scales according to changing needs.

Telephone Systems Service can assist you in seamlessly transitioning from legacy telephone systems to VoIP telecommunication systems, whether hosted or in-house. It will make a big difference in your telecommunications budget and bring flexibility and reliability to your office.

West Malling Business VoIP Installer

A guide for VoIP telephone systems in 30 seconds

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is a revolutionary communication system that has changed the way the world connects. It uses a high-speed internet connection for audio and video calls.

This is not a new technology. Many large businesses worldwide have made the switch to VoIP over a decade ago. Others are now making the transition. Cloud phone systems / hosted VoIP solutions are increasingly popular in West Malling. They eliminate the need for an on-premises system and can even be used to connect with softphone clients.

It is surprising, but many West Malling businesses are still trying to navigate that path. Perhaps it's a fear of constantly changing technology or the mistaken belief that legacy systems are easier to maintain and reliable.

VoIP and hosted VoIP telephony are ideal for small businesses with limited resources and must contend with rising operational costs.

What makes it different from a traditional telephone system, you ask?

Except for the fact that you're connected “in the cloud”, there shouldn't be any difference in the quality of communication. The traditional phone handset will still be used, but calls will be routed through the cloud-based server.

It is important to partner with the right managed VoIP provider in West Malling who has the experience and skill to create a network that suits your business's needs.

We are here to help.

When your VoIP provider is not providing good support.

A low price may have tempted you at a retail provider like Plusnet, TalkTalk, or BT. However, you found it not suitable for you. When you needed support for your business phone product, it was out of stock. Long waiting times meant that you had to talk to someone in a call centre that doesn't know anything about your business and cannot deviate from the script.

It can be difficult to complete even simple tasks like changing your account information or moving office. Sometimes, the “amazing” business phone deal you received is only for 3 or 5 years, which can cause problems down the road.

Telephone Systems Service can manage your hosted VoIP and telecoms. We can also help you with any other IT issues.

There are some benefits to business VoIP services West Malling

VoIP phone systems can offer many benefits to businesses of any size. No matter how small or large your business is, VoIP phone systems offer tangible benefits supported by research.

Low upfront costs – Although it may seem daunting to invest in a complete telecommunications system, the upfront cost of replacing it might be very affordable. This is especially true if there are multiple satellite offices. It's actually the reverse. VoIP is a low-cost capital investment, as you can avoid the high costs of PBX hardware. VoIP providers often offer IP phones free of charge as part of their agreements. This means you only pay for what you use.

Low operational costs – VoIP has 35% to 75% lower call fees than an analogue telephone line. You get value-added features like IVR, call conference, call recording, auto-attendant and voicemail to email, as well as call bundles.

Seamless Integration – Most VoIP software integrates seamlessly into your existing operating systems. It can be set up using an existing internet connection or Ethernet. Remote maintenance and updates can be done outside of normal business hours. This minimizes downtime.

Remote Connectivity – This solves the greatest challenge that businesses currently face, which is a scattered business. Remote Connectivity allows employees to connect to their VoIP phone network from any location in the world as long as they have internet access. They can use their existing office phone number and even have a dedicated extension while working remotely. It's easy to plug into their computers from home, using either a desk phone handset (or softphones), and it works just as well as working from an office. This will be a huge benefit to companies that depend on uninterrupted business communications.

Scalability – VoIP offers many solutions to IT problems in West Malling and is very adaptable. You can add as many lines as you need to make calls or reduce your size as needed. Scaling a traditional phone line PBX is a much more difficult task.

VOIP phone systems need extra care in network design and implementation to receive clear, noise-free audio from VOIP phones. Telephone Systems Service technicians are highly trained professionals who can provide that extra care. To get the best out of your landline, we set up telephone systems. We can install a telephone system for homeowners or businesses. It will allow you to answer calls in the right order, redirect them wherever you are, or automatically process the calls to the right person.

Save instant money

Whether your business is in China or West Malling, the cost savings associated with switching to voice over IP are significant, especially when compared to the cost of maintaining a traditional PBX system. An on-site PBX incurs ongoing expenses like usage fees, call costs, maintenance fees, and other costs. Additionally, you will need to spend capital on equipment replacement or additional equipment.

These costs are greatly reduced with VoIP subscriptions, no matter if you're calling long-distance or local. Plus, we include the cost of equipment in your subscription plan. You'll get a wide range of features to make calling local or long-distance easy, such as call forwarding, voicemail, and disaster recovery. Your existing PBX can do this?

Get the competitive edge.

You can improve your business by switching from an on-premise, traditional system to a hosted VoIP telephone system. You can offer a better service to customers by switching to a flexible, cost-effective, scalable, and flexible communications system. Your IT team can be freed up for core business projects while we take care of the daily management of your hosted telephone system.

Never miss another business call.

Unanswered phones could mean lost customers or missed opportunities. Hosted phone systems make it easy never to miss a call. VoIP allows you to divert business calls from any phone number, anywhere in the world, to any person or group. This allows sales teams to be more efficient and helps them manage their busy times effectively. It also ensures that your customers get through.

You can be big without paying big.

Hosted telephony can help your business grow, regardless of its size. Call-forwarding makes small and medium businesses appear bigger. Access to many other complementary features, including call recording and video conference, will allow you to empower your employees and teams no matter where they may be. These features, and many more, can be used at work and on the go. We are specialists in VoIP telephone systems in West Malling for small businesses, and we would love to help you grow your business by switching to a better phone system.